Update on Development of Reservation 13 Phase II – Tentative Timeline

Here’s the concept for R13 Community Partners plan for developing their three parcels of Phase II Bundle II.  There are three components: The two residential buildings nearest RFK (with ground floor retail) and the Marriott Residence Inn (parcel C), the Central Park mid-screen (parcel E), and the Condos and Town Houses at the bottom (parcel H).  (These depictions are concepts only and the final product may look substanially different.) 

The Donatelli and Blue Skye development team was awarded a contract for Bundle 1 comprised of parcels A, B-1, B-2, F-2, G-2.

Update on Development of Reservation 13 Phase II – Tentative Timeline for Bundle II

by Larry Janezich

Posted December 20, 2022

In November of 2021, the city awarded development contracts to build over 2,300 units in Hill East on Reservation 13 to R13 Community Partners and to Donatelli and Blue Skye Development. 

Last Tuesday night R13 Community Partners (a team of 8 developers) gave an update to ANC6B on the planned construction of a mixed use project with 1,246 units and 60,000 square feet of retail near RFK – part of Phase II of the Reservation 13 development plan.

The briefing was ostensibly to seek ANC input on development of the central park component of the project, but a since the project is in Ward 7 it had the feel of being a demonstration of good will by the developers after Donatelli and Blue Skye had received criticism for demonstrating indifference to Ward 6 residents of Hill East during their planning of the Phase I development of Res 13.     

Evans Charles of the contracting firm Frontier Development and Hospitality Group, gave a tentative time line for the project:   

The development will proceed in three phases:

Phase 1 – two apartment buildings, retail and infrastructure near RFK is scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2024.

Phase II – the central park including the RFK Memorialization and Relisha Rudd Playground will overlap with Phase 1 and break ground about 12 months later.   

Phase III – the start time on the condos and townhomes “will probably be about 12 months after that.”

Charles added that construction time would be about 24 months

The project anticipates delivery of 1005 rental units in two buildings: 334 Affordable Units (184 at 30% MFI Median Family Income and 150 at 50% Median Family Income); 334 Middle Income and Workforce Units at 80% Median Family Income; and 333 at Market Rate.  There will be studios and 1 – 3 BR units at each income tier evenly dispersed. (Median Family Income:   https://bit.ly/3PGLMT4 )

The project will include 115 fully furnished co-Living units (presumably in the smaller building) with common kitchens:  19 at 30% MFI, 16 at 50% MFI, and 80 at Market Rate.

The Central Park including the RFK Memorialization and Relisha Rudd Playground.

Also, 126 For Sale condos and townhomes: 38 affordable: 19 at 50% MFI, 19 at 60% MFI, and 87 at Market Rate.

The project will include a 150 unit Marriott Residence Inn

The R13 Community Partners provided the unit numbers used above on their website and they don’t quite add up to 1,246 units, but that’s not unusual as numbers are tweaked to account for studio and 1-3 bedroom units.  Here’s a link to the website:  https://bit.ly/3HVYBHz


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4 responses to “Update on Development of Reservation 13 Phase II – Tentative Timeline

  1. dcgent

    That seems awfully slow given how fast things have move at the Wharf, Buzzard Point and other sites–did they indicate that’s because of environmental clean up or infrastructure work by the city? (Ed. Note: No.)

  2. Calvin H. Gurley

    The closer development nears the Anacostia River and the PEPCO Generating Plant – the closer to serious “human” health hazards. The mayor, Council and D.C. EPa refuse to address the contamination of waste dumpage (into the Anacostia River) from the PEPCO Plant.
    Reference: Ward 7 ANC Commissioner George Gurley’s successful campaign to close down the PEPCO Generating Plant on Benning Road, N.E. The Plant was dumping No.2 reused oil and other carcinogens into the Anacostia River. Additionally,PEPCO was found burning chemicals that polluted the air in Wards 6 and 7. Not one federal EPA inspection was performed during the Clinton Administration. Of course – PEPCO had strong lobbyist stationed on the Hill.
    Elected officials need to declare Project 13* a hazard zone to appeal to the Federal Government to designate Super Fund appropriations to clean up the Anacostia River and the water way areas around RFK Stadium, D.C. General Hospital, River Terrace, N.E., Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens and Eastland Gardens.
    I know the area very well – I was raised on the 1800 Block of Bay Street, S.E. and my mother worked 30 years in the labs at D.C. General Hospital (Gallinger Hospital).
    Calvin H. Gurley
    Let’s live well, be safe and enjoy our City – together.
    *Project 13 in non-offensive . Reservation is too close to RFK Stadium the home of the Washington Skins.

  3. Vince Mareino

    So this clearly does not follow the L’Enfant Plan. What is the status of the National Capital Planning Commission review process?