The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from Last Week

ANC6C Commissioner Joel Kelty tells MPD Chief Contee and Others that crime in ANC6C remains “out of control.”  In an email to Contee last week, Kelty included an image of a robbery outside of his home on January 5 captured by a security camera.  An excerpt from the email follows:

Kelty:  “Last night at 10pm a robbery occurred right in front of my house.  This was a brutal violent assault that occurred on a well-lit street and not particularly late at night.  The victim was savagely beaten and seriously injured.  It has my neighbors extremely upset, concerned and in fear of their personal safety…My constituents and I are extremely concerned with the high level of both property crime and violent crime that we are experiencing in ANC6C.  The crime problem in our neighborhood is the worst it’s been in the 22+ years I have lived here…It seems clear from these two incidents as well as other recent crimes that the people engaging in this behavior are doing so without fear of consequences and with total disregard for the common values of civil society.  Please note that we’ve been highlighting this issue for at least the past two years.  Enclosed are letters the ANC sent in October 2021 and October 2022 requesting concrete action regarding crime impacting our neighborhood.  Whatever measures MPD has implemented in response to these letters (if any) have not been adequate and additional options must be considered and implemented.” 

ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee met Tuesday night to consider a Historic Preservation Application and a Zoning Application to build a garage and second story apartment on Brown’s Court.  Although a nearby neighbor raised objections that their privacy and quality of life would be adversely affected the argument was not enough to overcome clear sympathy among committee members for the city’s need for more housing.  A motion to support the plan was agreed to 9 – 2 and the issue was forwarded to the full ANC6B meeting on Tuesday. 

The ANC6B Transportation Committee met Tuesday night to discuss upcoming transportation issues during the coming year, i.e., which should have priority regarding working collaboratively to make sure the voice of the ANC is heard.  Among those noted were:  reducing traffic dangers near schools, EV charging issues including charging wire hazards and EV charging station placement, sidewalk café safety, the new Traffic Safety Input program, methods to slow traffic, improving 11th Street as an approach to the new bridge park, proposals changing the basis for residential parking, better communication between residents and the DDOT and its contractors, construction signage, and tracking the Penn Potomac Intersection Project budget.    

ANC6B ABC Committee met on Thursday night.  A liquor license renewal for Ginza Karaoke and a new license for Pacci’s Trattoria were approved unanimously.  Regarding Pacci’s. owner Spiro Goldasis says opening has been delayed by the city where his Use and Occupancy Permit which is working its way through the bureaucracy.  He expects to open “by the end of the month.”  The committee also discussed upcoming issues for 2023.  The list includes consideration of taking an organized approach to Settlement Agreement compliance, addressing the issue of regulating shops which gift cannabis for insignificant purchases, and monitoring the proliferation of sports wagering which seems to be suffering administrative problems by the vendor. 

The Friends of Southeast Library (FOSEL) held an in person meeting in SE Library Thursday night and began the transition to new leadership after long-time President Neal Gregory’s decision to step down from that post.  Vice President John Wennersten presided.  A new slate of officers was nominated as follows:  President, Robert Pohl; Vice President, Bob Gellman; Secretary, Elizabeth Teegarden; Treasurer, Mary Granger.  A vote will occur at the group’s next meeting on the first Thursday of February, following the opening of the floor for other nominations.  Also attending the Thursday night meeting, was newly elected ANC6B03 Commissioner David Sobelsohn who announced his intention to ask the full ANC to establish an ANC6B SE Library Taskforce to liaison with the community regarding the upcoming redevelopment of South East Library.  The library is in Sobelsohn’s single member district.  The full ANC will meet this coming Tuesday.  Wennersten commended Gregory for his long service as president.   

Friday, January 6.  The Capitol Grounds were closed to visitors on the anniversary of the insurrectionist attack on the US Capitol. There was a heavy police presence on the East Front and the bicycle rack fences up all the way around the Capitol.  First Street on the East side of the Capitol was closed and there were USCP support vehicles along the east curb in front of the Library of Congress. 

On the West Front of the Capitol, there were fewer Capitol Police, but one standing on the Capitol side of the low stone wall on First Street across from the Grant statue was carrying an automatic rifle.  The USCP communications truck which is usually seen only at demonstrations and special events was parked on the West Side of the Capitol.  CHC asked a USCP officer if the grounds had been closed all week or just today.  He said just today because it’s January 6 and that the grounds would probably be open tomorrow.

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from Last Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 8, 2023

Monday, January 9

ANC6CD will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Election of officers
  • Public Safety Report
  • Presentation: Update on Greenleaf Redevelopment – DCHA
  • Update on Pepco Capitol Grid Project
  • Update on 807 and 899 Maine Avenue
  • Update on 1301 South Capitol Street
  • Update on Early Childhood Center at Amidon Bowen

Tuesday, January 10

ANC6B will hold a virtual Special Call Meeting at 6:45pm to elect ANC6B officers.

To join the meeting, go here:

ANC6B will hold its virtual January Meeting a 7:00pm. 

To join the meeting, go here: (same as for the Special Call Meeting)

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Harvest Tide Capitol Hill DC, 212 7th Street, SE. Request for an Entertainment Endorsement for its Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant license. 
  • Rose’s at Home, 721 8th Street. SE. New Class “B” Internet Retailer selling beer and wine online only for off-premises consumption. 
  • Pacci’s Trattoria, 106 13th Street, SE. Request for a New Class “CR” Restaurant License with a total capacity of 85 people. 
  • Ginza BBQ Lounge and Karaoke Spot, 526 8th Street, SE. Renewal of Retailer’s Class C Tavern License.  
  • 637 A Street SE. Special exception to construct a detached, two-story accessory garage with dwelling unit, and convert to a flat, an existing attached, two-story principal dwelling unit
  • 637 A Street SE. New two story carriage house to replace existing one-story garage, with second floor accessory apartment.
  • Proposal to reestablish an ANC 6B telephone number and Formally Change ANC 6B Address to 700 Penn Office Building
  • Proposal to Revive the ANC 6B Public Safety Committee
  • Proposal to establish a Southeast Library Task Force

Wednesday, January 11

ANC6C will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Election of ANC Officers
  • Appointment and Election of Committee Members and Officers
  • The Ministry, 601 New Jersey Avenue, NE, Suite 102. Renewal of Retailer’s Class “C” Tavern license.
  • Sidamo Coffee & Tea, Inc., 417 H Street, NE. Renewal of Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant.
  • Purl, 644 H Street, NE. New Application for  Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant license.
  • Hillsdale College, 219-299 Massachusetts Avenue, NE. Public Space Application for plaza alterations. 
  • FedEx, 300 Maryland Avenue NE. Public Space Application for Knee wall to 30”,
  • Giant Foods, H Street NE. Application for curb cuts. 
  • Discussion of Union Station Expansion Project
  • 300 M Street, NE, Zoning Application. Informational presentation.
  • Upcoming Council performance oversight hearings on the Department of Buildings.

Thursday, January 12

ANC6A will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

  • Election of Officers: Chair- Amber Gove; Vice Chair – Keya Chatterjee; Secretary – Robb Dooling; Treasurer – Steve Moilanen; Parliamentarian – Laura Gentile).
  • Election of members and leaders of the permanent Committees for 2023: Economic Development and Zoning Committee – Brad Greenfield (Chair– 6A06), Tim Drake, Michael Cushman (6A04). Transportation and Public Safety Committee – Shaun Lynch (Co-Chair), Caitlin Rogger(Co-Chair – 6A07), Jeff Fletcher(6A07), Hassan Christian. Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee- Erin Sullivan (Chair – 6A06), Kara Hughley (6A05), and Joe Krisch (6A01) Community Outreach Committee- Adina Wadsworth (Chair- 6A07), Jessica Clark, Kelsey Grimes.
  • Cru Hemp Lounge at 816 H Street, NE. Motion the ANC take no action on application for renewal of Class “C” Tavern License.
  • Motion that ANC6A send a letter to DDOT and MPD expressing grief for the loss of our neighbor Ralph Williams to a car crash on the 900 block of K Street, NE, in November 2022, in an area where ANC 6A has repeatedly expressed concerns about traffic safety.
  • ANC6A requests:
    1. More information about the incident;
    2. A response on DDOT and MPD short and long-term plans to address the safety issues previously identified by ANC6A
    3. Immediate traffic calming measures

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