The Week Ahead – Photos & 1st District Substation Update

What’s going on at the MPD 1st District Substation at 500 C Street, SE?  This afternoon, former ANC6B01 Commissioner Jennifer Samolyk sent an email to MPD 1st District Commander Tasha Bryant referencing a decision to “drastically shrink the footprint” of the Substation and calling for a pause and a public meeting to hear from the community about the impact of the decision.  Samolyk asked Bryant for a meeting to discuss the matter.  Bryant responded that the Substation is not closing and offered to discuss the matter one-on-one with Samolyk.  Samolyk responded that she understands that the Substation is not closing, but stated that “90% of the patrol officers that reported there are now moving to M street to begin and end their shifts – which will remove their presence from Capitol Hill.”  Bryant replied that that number is “not accurate” and again offered to meet with Samolyk.  Samolyk’s successor, ANC6B01 Commissioner Frank Avery (who Samolyk had copied on the email chain), weighed in later Sunday night via Twitter, saying his understanding is that the Substation will continue to staffed 24/7 and that there may be a plan being discussed to address neighbor concerns about over-parking in the community by asking officers to report for duty elsewhere before covering their normal patrols.  If this is the case, he urged residents to express to the ANC and MPD their preference to prioritize MPD presence in the neighborhood over parking.  Avery has asked MPD to put out a statement clarifying the status of the substation with details of any proposed changes.  The full ANC6B has a previously-scheduled presentation from MPD 1st District Captain Kevin Harding next Wednesday at its February meeting. 

CM Charles Allen and ANC6B Commissioner Matt LaFortune at Thursday’s Public Safety Meeting:  The Public Safety meeting at Chamberlain School, organized by ANC6B10 Commissioner Matt LaFortune with help from CM Charles Allen’s office, featured Allen, LaFortune, Metro Transit Police and representatives from the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.  Discussion focused on ways to improve public safety in the immediate neighborhood, including increased MTP visibility in the area, establishing a Safe Passage site for school kids, and ways to activate the space to increase a sense of public ownership.  Asked for reaction afterward, LaFortune said, “Thursday’s meeting provided a valuable opportunity for neighbors to share their experiences and hear directly from public safety leaders. We’ll continue to work together to make Potomac Avenue Metro a safer and more positive community space moving forward.”

Update on Vybrations:  Also Thursday night, a full ANC6A Commission meeting heard from the owners of the Vybrations – a restaurant proposed to occupy the space at 1123 H Street, NE, formerly the home of the problematic XII Lounge and Touché Supper Club.  Owners Kathon and Karie Van Hook tried hard to persuade skeptical neighbors that their proposed 350 seat vegan restaurant (with non-vegan options) was not going to turn into a club.  In the end, the Commission voted 4 – 1 to support the license application conditioned on receipt of a signed Settlement Agreement.  Commissioner Mike Velasquez voted to oppose. 

Mott’s Market Mardi Gras.  Saturday afternoon, some 50 neighbors gathered to celebrate Mardi Gras and renovation progress at Mott’s Market, 233 12th Street, SE.  When the market closed last spring, a group of neighbors came together to buy back the building with the goal of creating a revitalized corner market and community gathering spot.

Constrution Progress: Work has already begun on the project by the self-described  “Old Home Experts,” Keil Construction. The renovated market will include about 1,000 f\square feet of retail space and a two bedroom residential apartment on the second floor.  Those who want to find out more about participating in this community project, can email community project managers here: 

At the Hirshhorn: Four Talks   In 2021, as part of her exhibit The Weather the Hirshhorn invited Laurie Anderson to create a new work on site.  She painted 10 hours a day for more than two weeks to create this remarkable installation taking viewers on a journey through her mind.  Four Talks refers to the four sculptures – a raven, a parrot, a canoe and a shelf. 

The Week Ahead – Photos from the Past Week & What’s going on at the 1st District Substation?

by Larry Janezich

Posted February 12, 2023

Monday, February 13

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation: DC Office of US Attorney
  • DDOT Update
  • 807 Maine Avenue Update
  • Upcoming races/marches
  • March of Dimes
  • Credit Union Cherry Blossom 5K
  • 48th Marine Corp Marathon
  • Purple Stride 5K
  • Pride March

ANC7D will hold a virtual meeting at 6:30pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation: Honorable Everett Lott, Director, DDOT
  • Establishment of ANC7D Committees
    • Housing/Economic Justice (includes zoning)
    • Transportation/Public Space
    • Grants/Community Outreach
    • Environment
  • ANC 7D Bylaws
    • Introduction of Draft Bylaws and Supporting Materials
  • Resolution regarding DC State Board of Education and Youth Safety
  • DDOT Notice of Intent re public space: 23-1-PSD

Next 7D Meetings TBD, February

  • ANC 7D Special Meeting on Board of Zoning Adjustment Application: #20821 (1717 E Street, NE)

Wednesday, February 15

ANC6B will hold a virtual Special Call meeting at 6:45pm and a virtual full Commission meeting at 7:00pm.

To join either or both meetings go here:

Agenda for Special Call meeting:

  • Establish ANC 6B Committees, Task Forces & Working Groups.
  • Proposal to Create a Special Committee for Public Parks and Space.

The February ANC6B Full Monthly Meeting will begin immediately after this meeting is adjourned. The meeting link will remain the same for both meetings.

Draft Agenda for the full Commission meeting:

  • Presentation: MPD First District – Captain Kevin Harding
  • Hill East Burger, 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Request for an Entertainment Endorsement for Retailer’s Class “C” Tavern license. 
  • 2023 Capitol Hill Classic – May 21, 2023.
  • 732 7th Street, SE. Historic Preservation Application.  Concept review – vertical and rear addition to an existing one-story non-contributing commercial building. Proposed building to be four stories. 
  • 4-5 Library Court SE. Bureau of Zoning Adjustment Application.  Special Exception to combine one tax lot and two record lots in the RF-3 zone. 
  • 647 G Street SE. Historic Preservation Application.  Consideration of revised plans regarding basement design and windows.  Concept Review: New three-story rear addition. 
  • DDOT Updates:
  • 9th & I Streets SE Intersection
  • Community Petition for Traffic Signal at 11th and D Streets, SE.
  • 19th Street & Potomac Avenue, SE, Corridor Safety Project.
  • Incorrect Restoration of 4th St SE / South Carolina Ave Pedestrian Safety Features.
  • Letter to DDOT re: ANC 6B TSI locations that did not make the initial list of 200 priorities.
  • Letter to DPW re: Virginia Ave bus.
  • Upcoming Transportation Committee Meetings – Special Session on Electric Vehicles
  • Special Committee on Public Safety – Discussion on Proposed Structure for new special committee
  • Southeast Library Taskforce – Discussion on Proposed Structure for new special Committee
  • Amendments to Bylaws
  • Election of ANC 6B Representative to the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee.
  • Appointment of ANC 6B Resident Members.
  • Election of Committee Chairs.

ANC6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • 1000 – 1016 H Street, NE, Zoning Adjustment Application. Request for Special Exceptions to construct a new, detached, five-story with cellar and penthouse, 80-unit apartment addition, to existing mixed-use buildings. 
  • 915 Maryland Avenue, NE. Historic Preservation Application.  Request for area relief  to construct a second story to construct an accessory dwelling unit addition to an existing detached, accessory garage in the rear of an existing, attached, three-story principal dwelling unit.
  • Racial Equity Tool. Discussion of the revised DC Zoning Commission Racial Equity Tool, and how it will be used on zoning projects within ANC6A.

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