The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

HIPS – Harm reduction services for sex workers and drug abusers.   Monday night, the ANC6A Community Outreach Committee, chaired by resident member Adina Wadsworth, heard a presentation on behalf of HIPS from Chibundo Egwuatu, Coordinator for the Sex Workers Advocates Coalition (SWAC). HIPS stands for “Honoring Individual Power and Strength” – an organization that provides non-judgmental harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement for sex workers and drug abusers. 

The center of the organization is a Drop -In Center at 906 H Street, NE.  Go to their website for more information on their operation and a list of services the organization provides for sex workers or drug abusers:

Covid Centers Closing.  ICYMI, on Friday, Mar 3, the Department of Health announced that the city’s Covid Centers – including the one on Barracks Row – will close on Friday, March 31.  The Centers were established in 2022 to provide free access to Covid vaccinations, testing, and masks.   

CM Charles Allen’s Bills subsidizing purchase of electric bikes and promote Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.  Thursday, the ANC6B Transportation and Public Space Committee chaired by Commissioner Matt LaFortune, held a Special Call Meeting on Electric Vehicle Policy. Charles Allen – now Chair of the Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment – discussed two bills, the first would promote EV infrastructure and the second would subsidize the purchase of electric bicycles. 

The Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Infrastructure …Act has as its goal establishing 7,500 public charging stations by 2027 while setting a requirement to equally distribute stations across the entire District:  Allen says a hearing will be held later this spring.

The Electric Bicycle Rebate Program Amendment Act would provide rebates for bikes, locks, fittings, and batteries for residents to subsidize the costs of an e-bike (either a regular frame or cargo bike model). A hearing on the bill is scheduled for March 16. 

New residential units coming to Barracks Row – 733 8th Street, SE.  Demolition has started on the the two story building at the former location of Howl to the Chief at 733 8th Street on Barracks Row.  The owner plans on addition two new stories – three floors of residential units while keeping the first floor for retail.  Howl to the Chief moved a few doors down to 719 8th Street. 

Here are before and after images from the Architect’s Powerpoint presentation to ANC6B in June of 2021. 

Orchids galore.  The 27th annual orchid exhibit at the US Botanic Garden continues this month and runs through April 30.  Hundreds of orchids festoon the Tropics House where visitors will find two 9 foot tall tree sculptures covered with epiphytic orchids. 

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 5, 2023

Monday, March 6

ANC6B Public Safety Committee  will hold a virtual meeting at 8:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Procedural matters
    • Elect Vice-Chair.
    • Request volunteer to serve as Secretary of the Committee.
    • Future meeting schedule.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Identify agenda items for next meeting.
  • Identify possible speakers/experts for future meetings.

Tuesday, March 7

ANC6B Planning and Economic Development Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:  TBA.

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Election of Vice-Chair.
  • Presentation from Mark-Anthony Tynes – Department of Buildings.
  • 218 D Street, SE; Capitol Hill Day School. Zoning Adjustment Application.  Special Exception to expand a private school use to the second story of an existing, attached, three-story commercial building.
  • 718 North Carolina Ave SE. BZA Application.  To construct a two-story rear deck addition, to an existing, attached, three-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit.
  • 718 North Carolina Avenue, SE. Historic Preservation Application. Two-story rear screened porch addition. 

Wednesday, March 8

ANC6B Transportation and Public Space Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting go here:  TBA.

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation from DC Water on Ongoing Projects Causing Roadwork.
  • Presentation from DPW on Parking Enforcement.
  • Presentation from DDOT on Additional Speeding Cameras.
  • Presentation by Mark Sussman on Kidical Mass Chapter for Capitol Hill. (Kidical Mass DC is the Washington, DC chapter of Kidical Mass, the national movement to encourage parents and children to bike together.)
  • Report of the March 2, 2023 Special Call Transportation Meeting.

Thursday, March 9

ANC6A will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

Community Presentations:

  • Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen.
  • DPR Update – Christopher Dyer, Community Engagement Manager, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Consent Agenda

  • Letter to Councilmember Charles Allen requesting the DC Council offer a resolution honoring the late Mr. William Outlaw honoring his long-time service to the Capitol Hill community.
  • Letter of support to HSEMA for the 2023 Capitol Hill Classic Races.
  • Letter of support to DDOT Public Space Committee to enclose a second floor balcony at 207 14th Place, NE.
  • Letter to DDOT regarding sidewalk repairs, sidewalk gaps, and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Letter of support to the DC Council for the Automated Traffic Enforcement Effectiveness Amendment Act of 2022
  • Letters of support to BZA for a request for area variance relief to HPRB for historic review of a project to construct a second story accessory dwelling unit addition to an existing detached, accessory garage in the rear of an existing, attached, three-story principal dwelling unit at 915 Maryland Avenue NE.  Both letters will state that support is on the condition that the plans be updated so that the access to the upper unit is only available from the rear yard and not the alley.

Letter of support for Special Exception relief to construct a new, detached, five-story with cellar and penthouse, 80-unit apartment addition, to existing mixed-use buildings at 1000–1016 H Street, NE, on condition that the residential units on the ground floor be designated as artist space/studios, and this would be written into the condominium bylaws, and that the developer make best efforts not to include natural gas in the building, and that if these conditions are not met, ANC 6A should oppose the request.

Motion to approve Mark Sussman (6A04) and Paul Angelone (6A05) to and remove Hassan Christian from the membership of the TPS Committee.

ANC6B Alcohol Beverage Control Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Application for an Entertainment Endorsement for Hill East Burgers.
  • Discussion on Notice to Cure for Harvest Tide.
  • Status update of working group on protocol for ABC cases.

ANC6C Transportation and Public Space Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:


  • Yohannes Bennehoff, DDOT, on proposed improvements to the 8th Street, NE, bus lines (Bus Priority Project).
  • ANC6C Commissioner Adelstein and resident Bob Dardano on the “triangles” that are formed at the intersections of various DC streets and avenues in ANC 6C. Specifically, who has jurisdiction over them, how/can they be improved, and finally what type of improvements would be welcomed by the community.

DDOT Construction Permit. 125 E Street NE:  Paving: ADA Curb Ramp.  Paving: Alley(s). Paving: Curb & Gutter(s).  Paving: Driveway(s).  Close Existing, Paving: Driveway(s) Repair or Replace, Paving: Mill and Overlay, Paving:  Sidewalk(s), Fixture: Bike Rack(s): DDOT Standard, Fixture: Curbside Signage, Fixture:  Mutlispace Meter, Landscaping: New Tree Space(s), Landscaping: Stormwater Mgmt  (serve public), Landscaping: Tree Planting, Landscaping: Tree Space (Stormwater Mgmt),  Over Head Work: Streetlight(s) Installation.

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