CM Charles Allen on RFK, Schools, The Budget, Traffic & the Environment

ANC6A met last Thursday night. The meeting featured a presentation by CM Charles Allen.

CM Charles Allen on RFK, Schools, The Budget, Traffic & the Environment

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 12, 2023

Last Thursday night, CM Charles Allen joined the ANC6D virtual meeting for the first of his annual springtime tours of the Ward 6 ANCs. 


  • RFK Campus Time Line. There is none – we’re all just stuck.  Swapping one billionaire for another does not change the fact that a stadium is still not a good idea.  Stadiums do not pay for themselves and don’t create jobs.  The Mayor wants a stadium but a majority of the city council does not.  Representative Norton says she will not move on transfer of the site to DC until the Mayor and city council are on the same page.
  • Ward 6 DCPS school budgets are facing cuts in the Mayor’s Budget – he will work to restore them.
  • Teacher retention is problem. For past three years the number of teachers who do not come back has increased.  Last year, 30% of public school teachers and 38% of charter school teachers did not return.  Need to figure out how to support teachers – part of that is pay.
  • The Annual Ward 6 Budget Town Hall with open mike will be on April 6 at the School Within a School at 920 F Street, NW.
  • DC’s economy continues to grow but has slowed because of decreased assessment of downtown properties resulting in lower taxes which has impacted revenues.
  • The city should have Sunday enforcement of parking. We’re a seven-day a week city.  We need to be thoughtful and partner with churches. 

Priorities as Chair of Committee on Transportation and Environment.

  • Traffic Safety. Hold hearings on Traffic Safety Investigations and Traffic Enforcement.  Get funding for laws already passed such as Vision Zero, Safe Sidewalks, and Safer Streets Act.
  • WMATA Recovery. Ensure safe systems and that WMATA has the equipment they need.
  • Planning and oversite of the billions of federal dollars for infrastructure coming to the city.
  • Climate Change. Push bill expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with a hearing this spring and moving legislation this fall.  Push Residential Electrification with equity in mind.  Push Metro for DC moving to a fare-free bus system.  Figure out how to integrate climate, transportation and public space goals into the city’s economic recovery.
  • Public Safety. Move forward on both an effective policing/accountability AND an investment in prevention strategy for people at risk rather than an either/or strategy.
  • Push DPR to open recreation centers all weekend. Note today’s announcement of roll out opening of recreation centers on Saturday.  We need recreation centers open all weekend. 

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