Update on Demolition of RFK – Phase 3 Structural Demolition To Begin

Update on Demolition of RFK – Phase 3 Structural Demolition To Begin

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 30, 2023

Last Monday night, Ryan Conway, Senior Director of Events DC and his team, briefed the community on the status of demolition of RFK during the RFK Campus Quarterly Stakeholders Meeting. 

He recounted that the project generally consists of four phases: 1. hazmat materials abatement, 2. selective (non-structural) demolition, 3. structural demolition, and 4. back filling and grading. 

Conway said that the contractor has completed the first two phases and Events DC is in the process of securing approvals in order to proceed with structural demolition.  Though the demolition is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023, Conway team members say they don’t have a firm time line as they work through regulatory approvals.  So far, they have received sign off from DOE, Historic Preservation, Zoning and DDOT. 

The stadium will be demolished mechanically in sections, working clockwise on the inside, from top to bottom, and starting on the C Street, NE, side of the structure.  Once the contractor begins demolition on the outside and the walls are breached permitting a view into the interior, the demolition will be more apparent.  Again, the time line for that part of Phase 3 is uncertain.

Once the stadium is down and demolition complete, the site will transform to a compacted pervious lawn area.  After demolition, Events DC doesn’t know what will be done.  Land use has to be established before anything else.  A lot of ideas have been put out there but Events DC has not endorsed any of them.  One such idea was recently presented to ANC6B by a representative of the Capitol Riverside Youth Group Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park (CRYSP).  This plan, an Events DC representative noted, is coming from an outside organization; as Events DC formulates a vision it will keep the community informed.

During the Q&A, the question of what will happen to the RFK bust arose.  Events DC said they would work with the Kennedy family and the community regarding a permanent location.  For the time being, the bust remains outside of the construction fence and available for public viewing. 

EventsDC has installed a live construction camera on the roof of the DC Armory to record the demolition of RFK Stadium.  See here:  http://eventsdc.com/venue/rfk-stadium/live-demolition-camera

See here for more information and demolition updates http://eventsdc.com/venue/rfk-stadium

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