Challengers Dominate Officer Elections for ANC6b

Challengers Dominate Officer Elections for ANC6b

by Larry Janezich and Anna Riehle

Neil Glick was elected Chair of ANC6b tonight, with the support of the newly elected ANC6b Commissioners plus incumbents Green and Campbell.  The vote was 7 – 3.  Those voting for:  Glick, Campbell, Critchfield, Flahaven, Frishberg, Green, Pate.  Those voting against:  Garrison, Metzger, Oldenburg.

Subsequently, Ivan Frishberg was elected Vice-Chair, Jared Critchfield was elected Secretary, Carol Green was re-elected Treasurer, and Brian Flahaven was elected Parliamentarian.

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One response to “Challengers Dominate Officer Elections for ANC6b

  1. Kathleen Frydl

    Congratulations to the new officers, especially the new chair, Neil Glick.