Design Selected for Information Kiosk on Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Design Selected for Information Kiosk on Eastern Market Metro Plaza

by Larry Janezich

At Tuesday night’s Capitol Hill Restoration Society Board Meeting, Board member Chuck Burger, representing the ad hoc group of “Sign Tigers” promoting the construction of an information kiosk on the Plaza to promote food and retail services and the historic district, announced that DDOT had recommended a design for the project.

The winning design, the Mutatio Design Proposal, was selected from a total of 28 designs created by students at the Catholic University School of Architecture.

Matt Himler, who along with four other architectural students (EJ Crough, Yomar Soliz, Laura Cisneros, and Jackie Alvarado) created the design, described the wooden structure with a gently curved forty foot canopy, reflective of the Metro canopy.  A large outdoor counter will allow interaction with visitors during fair weather, while an enclosed 300 to 350 square foot space would serve for winter and inclement weather.  The design anticipates space for display and distribution of literature and pamphlets.

Burger noted that one of the criteria for the project was that it could be dissembled, should the plan of the Plaza change in the future.  He noted that construction of the kiosk would point up the drabness of the rest of the Plaza, implying perhaps, that it would be a catalyst for change.

The kiosk will be staffed by volunteers.  Its annual operating budget of up to $15,000 will come from a foundation which has been set up by CHAMPS – the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.

The project will be funded by DDOT from funds provided by the Impact Parking Program – the fees exacted by the new meters resulting from the impact on parking of Nationals Park.

Burger will meet with ANC6b next month and will meet with community groups to get maximum community input before the next phase, the construction phase.

The CHRS Board unanimously endorsed the concept and the design and stated they looked forward to a final review of the design that addressed questions regarding community impact.


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4 responses to “Design Selected for Information Kiosk on Eastern Market Metro Plaza

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  2. A very nice Design . Really great example of Architecture.

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  4. M Bogdanovich

    This Information Hub is of no benefit to the residents of this community. The Performance Parking funds should be used to improve the quality of life for the residents of this community and should not be used to support the commercial sector. This project is a another handout to business at the expense of genuine public policy.