The Week’s Agenda

The Week’s Agenda:

by Larry Janezich

ANC Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 29, ANC6b Executive Committee meets to set the agenda for the ANC6b full Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 12.

Until mid summer when the ANC offices will likely move to The Hill Center, the meeting will continued to be held in the tiny conference room of the dairy food lobbying organization, the Tipton Group.  Tipton is also President of Barracks Row Main Street.  (There’s much more to be said here, but it’s already been said.)  New ANC6b Chair Neil Glick was successful in negotiating monthly rent of almost half of what the Commission had been paying under the previous lease.

The meeting is open to the public, but you might end up standing for two hours until the move to The Hill Center.

7:00pm at 703 D Street, SE.

Watch for an emmcablog report on the meeting on Wednesday morning.

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee Meeting (EMCAC)

Wednesday, March 30, Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meets at 7:00pm in Eastern Market’s North Hall.  The Committee is in a transition phase awaiting details to emerge from Councilmember Tommy Wells’ office regarding legislation to establish a new Eastern Market authority.  Wells is likely to unveil the bill within the next two weeks.

Watch for an emmcablog report on the meeting on Thursday morning.

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  1. raff

    Do you really think your rather snotty comments about the Tipton Groups offices and Mr Tipton are necessary in a post about an ANC meeting? Do we have an agenda here.