The Fact of the Matter Is This – More ANC6B News

Commissioners Confer Before Meeting (L-R) Commissioner Campbell, ANC6B Chair Neil Glick, Commissioner Flahaven, Commissioner Green. Foreground: Commissioner Frischberg. Rear: Commissioner Garrison

More ANC6B News

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B Commission Grants Liquor License to DC-3

Patrons who have been grumbling that they need a beer to wash down the premium hot dogs served at DC-3 on Barracks Row will only have to wait a week or two for relief.  ANC6b voted to support DC-3’s application for a license to sell wine and beer by a vote of 8 – 0 with Chairman Neil Glick abstaining.  DC-3 will only serve beer, though the license allows wine.

Fusion Grill To Expand Outdoor Café Into Shakespeare Theater Space

ANC6B approved the addition of 12 tables to Fusion Grill’s outdoor café.  The tables will be located in the space in front of the Shakespeare Rehearsal Theater, adjacent to the restaurant.

Antennas on Hanes Building at 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue

The Commission requested HPRB to delay consideration of Verizon’s application for installation of 15 telecommunication antennas on the building until June because HPO failed to notify the Commission of the request in time for them to act on it.

Special Call Meeting Likely on New Eastern Market Governing Authority

ANC6b will likely sponsor a special call meeting with Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) to deal with legislation to create a new governing authority for Eastern Market.  Councilmember Tommy Well’s office hoped the new legislation would be available by the end of April, but it appears to be behind schedule.

ANC6B  to Move Offices to Hill Center

The Commission hopes to move its offices into The Hill Center in early July.  ANC Chair Neil Glick has toured the new facility and surveyed the available office space.  The management of the new facility expects to take delivery of the building from the contractor by June 23.

ANC6B Transportation Committee Gets Geared Up

Chair Oldenburg of the new Transportation announced that Commissioner Garrison has agreed to be Vice Chair of the Committee.  The first meeting will be at the Southeast Library on May 31 at a time to be announced.  The second meeting of the committee has been scheduled for June 16, also at the Library.  Oldenburg said that the agenda for the May 31 meeting will be available by May 24.

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  1. John

    So this (Hanes Bldg and Verizon) is why I have no Verizon signal anywhere on Barracks Row? Get it together people (Verizon and Commission)! Please?