Critchfield Takes Over After Glick Announces He Will Not Seek ANC6B Chair

ANC6B Votes on the Commission Chair for 2012. Gottlieb Simon (Far Right), Executive Director, Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, Conducted the Vote

Before the Vote for ANC6B Chair (L-R, Commissioners Oldenburg, Critchfield, Glick)

Critchfield Takes Over After Glick Announces He Will Not Seek ANC6B Chair

 by Larry Janezich

At Tuesday night’s ANC6B meeting, Jared Critchfield (SMD 6B06) was elected the new Chair of ANC6B by a vote of 6-4.  Chair Neil Glick announced at the beginning of the meeting that he had decided to not seek re–election as ANC6B Chair, saying it had been an honor to serve and citing his belief that it was important to share leadership roles and to permit others to have the opportunity to learn in these positions. 

Kirsten Oldenburg made a run for the job, nominated by Commissioner Dave Garrison who cited her experience and knowledge of the issues. 

When the vote came, Commissioners Flahaven, Frishberg, Green, Glick, Pate, and Critchfield voted for Critchfield.  Commissioners Garrison, Metzger, Oldenbeug, and Campbell voted for Oldenburg.    

In other races, Ivan Frishberg was re-elected Vice Chair by acclamation, Commissioner Pate was elected Secretary over Glick by a vote of 6-4, Carol Green was re-elected Treasurer and Brian Flahaven was re-elected Parliamentarian, both without opposition. 

After the meeting, Critchfield said he was excited at the prospect of working with the other commissioners in his new role.  Critchfield had previously been Secretary for ANC6B.  He added, “[i]t will be a busy year ahead, given the work the city has provided us and the initiatives we are undertaking.”  Those issues will include representing the community overseeing development of the Hine proconstruction of the new CSX tunnel, the Info Hub on Eastern Market Metro Plaza, the crafting of legislation establishing a new governing authority for Eastern Market and continued oversight of the Performance Parking Fund Projects.  In addition, the ANC will be heavily involved in the re-purposing of the Eastern Branch Boys and Girls Club and issues concerning RFK and the current and future use of Reservation 13. ject, the Asked for her comment after the meeting, Oldenburg replied, “No comment.”

Chairs of the ANC Committees will be voted on at ANC6B’s February meeting.


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3 responses to “Critchfield Takes Over After Glick Announces He Will Not Seek ANC6B Chair

  1. Kathleen

    Congratulations to Jared, and many thanks to Neil Glick.

  2. 13th Street

    While I believe Oldenburg has institutional knowledge the ANC chose correctly.

  3. Tony

    Glick was the best Chair over the past several years. He brought a new fresh energy to the Commission. His meetings were well run and much was accomplished. Thx for your service!