Missing Info in Developer’s Request to Change Hine Zoning Slows Process

Missing Info in Developer’s Request to Change Hine Zoning Slows Process

by Larry Janezich

Missing information in Stanton-Eastbanc-Dante’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) application for a Hine site zoning change has caused concern among ANC6B commissioners following the process.  Raising these concerns with the city’s Office of Planning (OP) has resulted in OP delaying the issuance of the “set down report” necessary for the process to move forward.  The set down report (to the Zoning Commission) is a preliminary assessment on whether the developer is at a stage where the first of two Zoning Commission hearings on the requested change can be scheduled. 

By objecting to the failure of Stanton-Eastbanc-Dante to include the essential traffic, noise, and shadow studies in its PUD application, ANC6B won a delay until February 13 for the set down report, previously scheduled to be filed on January 30.  The “set down hearing” could occur as soon at February 23.  That hearing is open to the public, but only Stanton-Eastbanc-Dante and the Zoning Commission are parties to the hearing.  A second and possibly final hearing will occur no sooner than 60 days later.  The public and other stakeholders do participate in that hearing and are permitted to testify in support or opposition, and in the case of those awarded “party status,” call expert witnesses. 

As readers of this blog know, the PUD process allows a final opportunity for the community to influence the use of the property (read retail or a daycare or educational component), use of public space (read flea market), transportation (read impact on local traffic), construction management (read impact on residents and businesses), design, and benefits and amenities to the community (read city).  The latter includes benefits provided in part for the impact the development will have on the community, and includes benefits provided to the city in exchange for the developer getting a prime piece of commercial property at a bargain rate.  ANC6B’s Subcommittee on the Hine PUD process expects to launch an on-line effort within the next few days to assess community sentiment on these issues.

The Subcommittee has appointed working groups in each of these specified areas to track the developer’s thinking and report back to the Subcommittee which will take those assessments into account in formulating a position for negotiating with the developer on behalf of the community. 

The Subcommittee on the Hine PUD process will next meet at 7:00pm on Thursday, January 26, in Hill Center.

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