New Details Emerge on IMA Pizza’s Decision to Quit Barracks Row – Decision May Not Be Final

New Details Emerge on IMA Pizza’s Decision to Quit Barracks Row – Decision May Not Be Final

by Larry Janezich

In a letter addressed to organizations and individuals involved in the effort to bring IMA Pizza to the 400 block of Barracks Row, prospective owner Steve Salis shed some light on his decision to forgo opening the pizza outlet at this time, though he held out the prospect that the decision could be revisited in the future. 

The letter, dated February 6, described the economics which drove the decision.  Salis pulled the plug on the project and parted on good terms with building owner Streetsense, after it became clear to him that he could not launch the business according to schedule in spring of this year.  He cited the uncertainty involved in getting an exception to the ban on fast food on Barracks Row and the uncertainty as to when Streetsense could deliver the store space.  Streetsense had asked Salis to “put down a substantial amount of capital as a deposit in order to hold the space.”  He said he found his position untenable being faced with “a bad use of my capital and no guarantees” on how the process would be resolved.

Salis says that he and Streetsense mutually agreed that the best thing to do would be to put the property back on the market while Salis secured a lease in another neighborhood in order to meet his delivery goals.  If the space is still unrented in a few months, Salis said he left the door open for the parties to re-engage in discussion to see if a deal can be worked out.  Salis also said that this arrangement had the advantage of allowing him to work out operational kinks prior to coming to 8th Street.


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6 responses to “New Details Emerge on IMA Pizza’s Decision to Quit Barracks Row – Decision May Not Be Final

  1. anon

    can someone remind why I am supposed to care . . . I’m completely serious

  2. Alex

    Maybe because the neighborhood just lost what would have been a quality addition due to the overreach of the Barracks Row community overlords?

  3. Kathleen

    and by overlords, Alex B., we know you mean Streetsense.

    And again, I will raise my glass tonight to the libertarian lurkers. As Voltaire once said, “I prayed, ‘Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous,’ and God answered my prayers.”

  4. jbk

    Thank u for letting the community know all the factors that contributed to the decision. Did find it somewhat interesting about the uncertainty of when Streetsense could deliver the space while asking for a substantial amount for the deposit.

  5. anon

    This blog is obviously visited by our ANC6B reps, so I have to ask the question — is all you do debate the relative merits of a pizza joint like this is really useful information to your consitituents? Why not use the time constructively to post timely agendas and minutes of your meetings (monthly and subcommitte), or solicit community inputs on the myriad of important projects underway in 6B and Ward 6 that will have a major impact on your constituents?

    I’m not interested in yet another food venture. The Hill has much more to offer. You’ve hammered out your fill of commentary on pizza joints and provided a soapbox for this shameless self-promoter. Find something useful to discuss for 6B. [I’ll give Kirsten Oldenburg a pass, as she DOES share lots of information with her constituents and has broader concerns than yet another pizza joint]