Neighbor Offers Alternate Hine Concept

Neighbor Offers Alternate Hine Concept
This is an example of how the Hine Junior High School site could be re-developed for the long-term benefit of all.  The important point is that there is no need to sacrifice open public space, natural light or a livable, walkable environment for the sake of higher density.  The attached concept does not exceed four stories in height and it still provides 75% of the floor space of the Stanton/Eastbanc proposal. Commercial and residential uses can be separated without isolating existing residential areas. Barracks Row and Metro Plaza can be creatively linked to the Eastern Market with shaded, commercial arcades along Pennsylvania Avenue, 7th Street and C Street.  The narrow north parcel should remain public space and would provide an adequate area for the weekend Flea Market without additional street closures.  Alleys should be included in the site to provide better traffic flow and alternative access. If community leaders and developers are willing to be creative and open-minded, there are better solutions that can satisfy the needs and desires of everyone. Please give this your consideration and support.


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8 responses to “Neighbor Offers Alternate Hine Concept

  1. anon

    Interesting. I like the idea of preserving the visual primacy of Eastern Market. As much as I agree with the proposal, I doubt any of the principals would consider such a drastic space reduction.

    The idea of some interior egress is a good one. I do worry that the ‘fortress’-ness will mean that all of the service traffic will inevitably cluster around the block.

  2. @anon, you are right about service traffic. Right now the plan is (1.) Truck deliveries to all the new retailers & residents in new building on new C Street SE will all park in the current alley north of the Hine site, which is busy enough with truck traffic as is; and (2.) Weekend Flea Market vendors will park their trucks underground, and come and go to their vehicles during the day (refreshing their stock of goods for sale at their tents) through a door at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and D Street, near the D Street door to the auditorium now, clear around the block from the Flea Market. Inconvenient!

    There’s more work to do to get this plan right.

  3. goldfish

    I don’t understand why the alley that connects 7th and 8th needs to be retained. It is not original. The original alley could be extended to connect to C Street. This would enable a row of houses on the north side of C street with reasonable back yards. This would increase the floor space, making the project more feasible and also provide for more residents.

    • Andy Petro

      Dear Mr. or Ms. Goldfish,
      One reason to retain this alley is that it allows access for large delivery and garbage trucks which service the existing restaurants on 7th St. The existing north-south alley is not wide enough for the larger trucks but they can get closer through the wider east-west alley. Another important reason for the wider east-west alley is for fire truck access. If the restaurants on 7th St had all deliveries and garbage pickups on the 7th St side rather than through the alley, that might be an improvement but the fire department might still want to maintain the east-west alley in any case.

    • Andy Petro

      Mr. or Ms. Goldfish,
      The idea of creating space for row houses is an interesting one. The Stanton/Eastbanc proposal does not include any row houses, only apartment buildings.

  4. Non nimby

    Why should this be only 4 stories? This is just a pure nimby proposal that denies the city of tax revenue and of the eastern market area the density needed to support retail.

    • Andy Petro

      Dear Mr. or Ms. Nimby
      Why only 4 stories? Because that height is consistent with the neighborhood in which this site is located. The heights in the Stanton Eastbanc proposal are driven in part by the desire of the developer to create a large private, gated, central courtyard on this public land. The consequence of the private open space is less public open space and buildings that are higher than they need to be. Thanks for reviewing this suggestion.

  5. ET

    Still doesn’t look like enough going on for Stanton to make it worth their effort/money.