The Week Ahead…..

The Week Ahead…..

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, February 21

ANC 6B Bylaws Review Working Group meets 6:30pm – 9:00pm at Hill Center.  ANC6B continues to work on revising and updating ANC bylaws.  This second meeting of the working group will focus will be on Articles VI – XVI of the ANC 6B bylaws (includes sections on Relations with the DC Government, Committee Meetings, Meetings with Other Commissions, Executive Committee, Committees, and Financial Affairs). 

Chair:  Brian Flahaven

Wednesday, February 22

ANC 6B Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force meets 7:00pm – 8:00pm at Hill Center. 

The meeting will feature a discussion on 311, the City’s customer service call center, with Mrs. Wanda Gattison from the District’s Office of Unified Communications.   Chair:  Brian Pate

Wednesday, February 22

ANC6B’s Hine Subcommittee’s Design Working Group will meet  from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the Capitol Hill Restoration Society Office, 420 10th Street SE.
Thursday February 23 (This is important)

ANC6B Subcommittee on the Hine PUD Process meets at 7:00pm at Hill Center to discuss benefits, amenities and mitigation the community might receive from the developer for the impact of the Hine project on the community.  The community is urged to attend. 

What’s happening? 

ANC6B appointed a Subcommittee of Commissioners and resident members to oversee the application of Stanton/Eastbanc to change the zoning at the Hine site to accommodate the greater height, mass, and density the project will require. Part of this process anticipates the developer making concessions to the community on the project, perhaps changing the scale and design of the project or providing benefits, amenities or mitigation instead. 

The Subcommittee has resolved itself into working groups to consider various parts of the application which deserve special attention. 

One of these – the Benefits and Amenities Working Group – will coordinate the requests for mitigation, benefits, and amenities forwarded by the other working groups and negotiate with the developer to achieve resolution of outstanding issues.  Thursday night’s meeting is the first of perhaps several meetings to discuss what benefits, mitigation, and amenities should come to the community.

The other working groups are as follows:

Design – will concentrate on the project’s architectural components and represent the community in an effort to make the project an outstanding architectural contribution to the community, which many say it fails to do in its current form.

Public Space – will work to determine how the loss of open space (flea market venue, dog run, basketball courts) can be mitigated or amenities received therefore.  Space for continuation of the flea market in its current form is a primary issue for this group. 

Retail – tasked with working with the developer to achieve a retail mix in accordance with terms and intentions stated in the zoning change application.  A recent survey available on the Subcommittee’s website, provided some feedback regarding community preferences. 

Transportation – will consider transportation and pedestrian safety issues raised by the project and coordinate their resolution with the DC Department of Transportation.  The Transportation Working Group will also work out an understanding with the developer about how to minimize the impact of the construction phase on the community. 


Ivan Frishberg – ANC6B, Chair of Subcommittee and Benefits & Amenities Working Group Co-Leader

 Brian Pate – ANC6B, Vice-Chair of Subcommittee and Public Space Working Group Leader


ANC Commissioners

Jared Critchfield

Dave Garrison (Benefits & Amenities Working Group Co-Leader)

Carol Green

Kirsten Oldenburg (Transportation Working Group Leader)

Resident Members

Julia Robey Christian (Retail Working Group Leader)

Monte Edwards, Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee – EMCAC, (Pubic Space Working Group Leader)

Ken Jarboe, Member-At-Large

Bill Pate, Hine School North Neighbors

Gary Peterson, Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS)

Stephen Sweeney, Eyes on Hine

Roger Tauss, Eastern Market Metro Community Association (EMMCA)

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