Hine Critic Unhappy Wells’ Office Gave Home Phone Number to Developer

Hine Critic Unhappy Wells’ Office Gave Home Phone Number to Developer

by Larry Janezich

Some 20 hours ago, a neighbor of the Hine project tweeted Councilmember Tommy Wells to complain that his office had passed on the critic’s home phone number to Stanton Development, apparently to allow the developer an opportunity to answer the critic’s questions regarding public space in the Hine Development.

The initial tweet below refers to a flyer distributed last Saturday by members of the Eastern Market Metro Community Association.  The flyer urged residents to contact Councilmember Tommy Wells and urge him to support the community’s demands to: “Cut Back the Size of the Development, Don’t Let Retail Overtake Residential Areas, Fight Loss of Open Space, Preserve Space for the Flea Market.”

The series of three tweets are as follows:

Dear Tommy, have u seen this? (photo of flyer attached) Please help rather than giving @Stanton_Dev everyone’s number who calls, like u did me.

And no, @TommyWells and @Stanton_Dev, I did not make the flyers. But most in neighborhood feel dev too big-detraction from @EasternMarketDC

Honestly, neighbors are SHOCKED that you gave @Stanton_Dev my home number because I was curious about public space involved. @TommyWells


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3 responses to “Hine Critic Unhappy Wells’ Office Gave Home Phone Number to Developer

  1. Kathleen

    wow. just wow.

    there is a story waiting to be written about Hine, and it will be something like “here’s the microcosm that demonstrates most of what’s wrong with American politics today.” we even have our own version of a sloganeering and hectoring tea party.

    just wow.

  2. What TW did not a Federal offence – but so highly unethical it should be! Maggie Hall.

  3. Jamey Arcara

    @ Kathleen: I think you meant “… sloganeering and hectoring Oh We Stink group.” 🙂