3-D Model of Hine Project Available at Hill Center – Part I

Looking north from above Pennsylvania Avenue

View of courtyard, which appears sunken below ground level.

Looking north from above and behind CVS.

Looking northwest, at corner of 8th and Pennsylvania.

Looking southwest. Plaza on upper right.

The Hine Project, looking north

3-D Model of Hine Project Available at Hill Center

by Larry Janezich

Today, Stanton-Eastbanc, developers of the Hine Project, installed the long-awaited 3-D model of the project in Hill Center Reception Room.  Interested parties can view the model during normal operating hours.  Enter Hill Center through the ground level west entrance.


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17 responses to “3-D Model of Hine Project Available at Hill Center – Part I

  1. Thom Riehle

    Thanks for these pictures. The shot I’d really like to see would be taken from the perspective above the courtyard looking north, or else looking east along the alley north of C Street toward 8th Street. I’d think the North Building would really tower over the back yards of the homes north of the development along 8th Street, with only the narrow alley separating those neighbors from the intrusion of that skinny giant wall.

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  4. Kathleen

    Hi Thom,
    There were some angles that really jumped out at me, and that was one of them. If I lived on 8th st. north of the project, I would feel that my backyard was totally intruded upon by the upper levels of the north building. We haven’t heard/said enough about this, in my opinion.

  5. cc

    I’d like to see what 7th street looks like since I think that would be pretty if it mirrored the Eastern Market building.

    Also, I’ve been thinking more about the space for the flea market. Can’t we close 7th between Penn and C (keep it closed between C and NC), and close C between 6th and 7th? I think all the vendors could fit on those streets, plus the C St. Plaza on the Hine site.

    There’s also no reason that there has to be only one line of vendors on 7th. There’s plenty of room to have two facing rows of vendors on the street and people can walk between them. There’s possibly room for this on C too.

  6. J. jones

    It seems to have somewhat of a fortress appearance.

  7. Thom Riehle

    @ cc, In picture #4 above, “Looking northwest, at corner of 8th and Pennsylvania” the angled building facing you is kitty-korner across from Eastern Market. In #5, “Looking southwest. Plaza on upper right.” you see the same building in the upper right of the development, (again, kitty-korner from Eastern Market, which is off screen to the top right. The last picture, “The Hine Project, looking north” gives you a view of the project up 7th Street, with Eastern Market at the far top left across the street from the project.

    None of these photos show how the “North Building,” across from that plaza building, block all views of Eastern Market for those traveling east-west along the new C Street.

    But please, go to Hill Center at 9th and Pennsylvania (the Old Naval Hospital) and see for yourself! I’m glad there’s a gigantic model with surrounding blocks for everyone to see.

  8. Frank McAdams

    Build, baby, build. I think it looks great.

  9. Leo Orleans

    It is useless to complain about this out of place monstrosity!

  10. 13th Street

    They need to shear the top off of the building on the corner of Penn/7th above the 3rd bank of windows. It’s too tall otherwise.

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  12. Bill

    Finally! As long as there is a Whole Foods, I’m happy! I think the residents complaining are scared of actual development in our neighborhood. They are ok driving up their property value to stratospheric heights so no one can afford the neighborhood anymore, but don’t allow modern amenities like better grocery shopping or retail to fall in to improve the neighborhood…?! I say build it and don’t look back. It’s time!

  13. RCJH20

    I agree with @Bill and @ Frank McAdams. It’s time the neighborhood gets behind this initiative and figure out a way to make it work for everyone. I think the current situation is more appalling than what is being proposed.

  14. JL

    I think it looks fine enough, and time to move on already, but it’s a shame they’ve “enclosed” the public space. The open multi-use courtyard in the original concept was one of the most appealing features. I am afraid the latest version will kill the flea market. Not that it has a right to exist forever, but it is an interesting, authentic, organic neighborhood institution that is a real focal point on weekends. In Philly, where I am from, there is a development called the Piazza at Schmidts — in many ways similar — where they managed to pull off an architecturally-interesting, high-density development with a much-loved multi-use public courtyard. It’s proof that the two are not mutually exclusive. It would have been nice if they had come up with something similar for Hine.

    • JL – the Scmidts Piazza is a great space, but it’s also built onto a site that’s much wider than the Hine site. The distance between 7th and 8th Streets isn’t all that wide.

      I actually think there’s a similar opportunity here, but just not on the interior of the block. The combined use of public space along 7th and C, when closed (or significantly calmed) to traffic and with vendors in the streets can provide an interesting public space.

  15. Rosina

    I think all you “build baby, build” folks are very short sighted. I’m not afraid of anything. How does a building that is absurdly large without enough public space to make it feel appropriate and squeezing out the flea market that we have built up for 25 years, help our neighborhood, really? Our way of life is cool, I have NO PROBLEMS doing my shopping. Please contact me if you need help with yours.
    Funny, you guys think there is going to be a “Whole Foods.” Weren’t they supposed to build one over by Navy Yard too? That doesn’t sound likely. I guess the THREE other supermarkets in walking distance don’t suit you, nor Eastern Market, huh? Where exactly do you guys live?

    • Fake Handle

      I think those that are blanket anti-development are truly the ones short-sighted. The building is anything but absurdly large. It will be close to the same height as the Jenkins Row development just a few blocks away and shorter than all of the developments in Navy Yard.

      While I agree the current plans could have more room for public space, the alternative of an empty building and parking lot is even less attractive. Additionally, I have extreme doubts that the flea market cannot co exist with the development, and the Developers have every economic incentive to keep it going. All businesses have to adapt, the flea market should do the same.

      I love the Capitol Hill way of life, I literally live across the street from Eastern Market. However, this development will only serve to improve our way to life by:
      bringing in more local and consistent businesses
      introducing new and competitive housing options, including low-income housing
      a subsidized pre-school
      jobs and tax revenue for the city

      Just because we’ve been doing it this way for 25 years is not good enough anymore.