Eastbanc’s Hine Negotiator Named CEO of Georgetown BID

Eastbanc’s Hine Negotiator Named CEO of Georgetown BID

by Larry Janezich

Thursday, the Georgetown BID announced Joe Sternlieb will be its new CEO.  Sternlieb is familiar to those following the Hine development as the public face of Eastbanc in the Stanton Eastbanc partnership that won the bid from the city to develop the Hine project, and the chief negotiator with the ANC6B representatives on the memorandum of agreement outlining community benefits and amenities.  Since Sternlieb joined Eastbanc as vice president of acquisitions, Eastbanc has been awarded two plum city projects – the West End Library and the Hine development.  Both have aroused considerable controversy within their respective neighborhoods, although Eastbanc made far greater concessions to the community on the West End project once it became clear that Councilmember Jack Evans would not vote for the Land Disposition Agreement unless the developer did so.

In his new position, Sternlieb will be responsible for promoting Georgetown as a retail and entertainment destination as well as its potential as a location for new office buildings.  He will also oversee the BID’s administrative, financial and daily operations.

Sternlieb has a long record of service as a political activist, fundraiser and local government official.  He raised funds for Mayor Fenty and for Councilmember Mary Cheh.  His wife, Linda Singer, was appointed DC Attorney General by Fenty, and served a year before resigning, reportedly because Fenty relied more on the Office of DC General Council for legal advice.

In the early 1990’s he was an elected member of ANC 2C.  Between 1993 and 1996 he was the Staff Director of the D.C. Council’s Committee on Economic Development where he managed legislative work related to the creation of the Washington Convention Center Authority, the MCI Center, Industrial Revenue Bond Forward Commitments, and Business Improvement Districts.

While working for Eastbanc, Sternlieb was a reliable presence at DC Council hearings and ANC 6B meetings concerning the Hine Development.  His close ties to city government as well his own expertise made him a formidable force throughout the Hine Development project.  It is unclear whether Eastbanc will assign a new face to the Hine project, or whether local developers at Stanton will now take the lead in future discussions.

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