Protestors Outnumber Nazis Thirty to One – Photos of the Counter Demonstration

Protestors block East Capitol at 9th Street, halting Nazis march to the Capitol

Some demonstrators attempt to turn the protest into a sit down demonstration at 8th and East Capitol

Dedicated protesters appear to invite arrest but later were persuaded to move aside

Metropolitan Police Stand Ready to Clear the Streets

Demonstrators give way to mounted police

Demonstrators show strength of numbers in front of Folger Library

US Capitol Police in riot gear joined Metropolitan Police at 2nd an East Capitol where the march turned south to Pennsylvania Avenue before continuing around the Capitol

Protestors Outnumber Nazis Thirty to One – Photos of the Counter Demonstration

by Larry Janezich

A small group of 12 Neo-Nazis who had secured a demonstration and marching permit elicited a protest of several hundred strong and a large Metropolitan, U.S. Park and U.S. Capitol Police presence of well more than a hundred officers and dozens of squad cars.  Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Paul Quander was on hand to oversee police operations.

The Nazis arrived by bus at Lincoln Park just past noon and were greeted by jeers, taunts and chants from protesters gathered on the corners of 11th and East Capitol Streets.  The Nazis started out for the Capitol about 12:20pm, with six mounted police clearing their path forward, their flanks lined by Metropolitan Police on bicycles and motorcycles who warned march protestors to stay on the sidewalks.  Protesters halted the march three times on East Capitol, at 9th, 8th, and 7th Streets each time dispersing after hearing a warning that they were in violation and subject to arrest.  Police were ready with paddy wagons and plastic handcuffs but rather than arresting protestors on the final attempt to halt the march, disbursed them with mounted police.

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  1. Roger

    DC MPD should sent Neo-Nazis and itemized bill for all manpower employed for protection services.