The Week Ahead…..

The Week Ahead…..

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, September 25

ANC 6B Executive Committee Meeting, 7pm-8pm, Hill Center

Tuesday, September 25

Capitol Hill Restoration Society hears Jennifer Steingasser, Deputy Director of Development Review and Historic Preservation, DC Office of Planning, speaks to CHRS members and the community on what the proposed rewrite of the DC Zoning regulations and what it could mean for Capitol Hill.  7pm-9pm at Hill Center.   During the Zoning Commission on the Hine Project, the Office of Planning was fully supportive of increased height and density for the Hine Project.

Wednesday, September 26

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) will meet at 7pm in Eastern Market’s North Hall.  Among items on the agenda is discussion of the closing of the 300 block of 7th Street for the flea markets.

Thursday, September 27

ANC 6B Outreach and Constituent Services Taskforce meets 7pm to 9pm at Hill.  The taskforce will continue to review its research regarding vacant and blighted housing policy.  In addition, Kim Graziani, Vice President of Community Building for the Center for Community Progress, will speak on the topic.

Sunday, September 29

Hill Center Open House from 10:30am until 2:00pm, featuring commemoration of Civil War era anchor at 10:30am.

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  1. Though the last notification that I received was a little ambiguous, I think the EMCAC meeting has been moved back to 8PM?