Maslin Trust Fund tops $35,000 – Fund Raising Effort Continues

Brent School Hosts Maslin Fund Raiser (photo credit: Judith V. May) For additional photos visit

Maslin Trust Fund tops $35,000 – Fund Raising Effort Continues with On Line Donations, Events in November and December

by Larry Janezich

Funds raised so far for the family of TC Maslin, who suffered traumatic head injury in a mugging in August near Eastern Market have exceeded $35,000, according to CHAMPS representative Chuck Burger. 

The efforts of the community to help the family have been diverse and are on-going, and involve numerous volunteers and businesses.  Burger credits CHAMPS – the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce – and “Celebrate Capitol Hill” – a business non-profit which raises funds for worthy causes in the community, for organizing the fund raising endeavor.  

According to Burger, it was the Eastern Market merchants who first stepped up to help the family, and more than $10,000 of the total raised was in contributions to money jars placed with 26 merchants in and around Eastern Market by CHAMPS and Celebrate.  CHAMPS also set up an on line donation feature on its website. 

As CHAMPS and Celebrate looked for other ways to help the Maslins, Burger approached Daniel Holt, President of Brent PTA and together they hatched the idea to utilize the annual Brent Fall Festival as a vehicle to that end.  Renamed the Brent Fall Safety Festival, the community coalesced to turn it into a fund raiser for the Maslins in four weeks’ time.  The October 21st event drew 1,000 residents including over 400 children.  Over 50 Capitol Hill organizations and business participated. 

“We were trying to raise money,” Burger said, “but the best result was the community-building nature of the effort.  It got people introduced to each other.”  Burger expects to build on this to make the Safety Festival an annual event for Ward Six, featuring a different aspect of public safety each year.  “Safe living is an important element in the quality of life on Capitol Hill – we intend to look for projects we can raise money for next year.”

Burger cited for special note the efforts of the following key organizing volunteers:  Barbara Rich, American Legion; Bessie Belcher, Brent Elementary; Carlson Klapthor, Brent Elementary; Daniel Holt, Brent Elementary; Kate McDonough, Capitol Hill Village; Dee Dee Branand, Coldwell Banker; Elsa Huxley, Coldwell Banker; Jack Pfeiffer, CHAMPS & Celebrate Capitol Hill; Joe Reid, Coldwell Banker; Kirsten Oldenburg, ANC6b04; Naomi Mitchell, Councilmember Tommy Wells’ Office; Johnson Law Group; William Phillips and Associates. 

Current and future fund raising events for the Maslin Family Fundraising Campaign:

Ongoing – On Line Donations on the CHAMPS website at:

Early November – Celebrate Capitol Hill’s Reception for Sponsors, Contributors, and Volunteers (TBA)

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 (Evening) – Tune Inn’s Special Maslin Fundraiser

TC Maslin’s wife, Abby, blogs about her experiences at

CHAMPS/Celebrate has released the following list of participants in the fund raising activities: 

Sponsors, Contributors, and Publicity & Jar Campaign Business Participants

EVENT SPONSORS   CSX, Acacia Mortgage, American Legion Post, Boogie Babes, Capitol Hill Exxon, Capitol Hill Village, CHAMPS, Coldwell Banker, Frager’s Hardware, Hill Rag, National Capitol Bank, Nationals, Sonoma, Uber, Xavier Cervera Restaurant Group.

Contributors of Raffle Prizes:  Aqua 2, Atlas Theater, Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits, Cava, CHAW, Folger, Fusion Grill, Grey Moogie Press, Hanks Oyster Bar, House Calls on the Hill, Judith V May, Photographer, Maid Pro, Nationals, Pound , Ringling Brothers Circus, Schneider’s, Tabula Rasa, Top of the Hill (Pour House), Uber, Xavier Cervera’s Restaurants.

Publicity & Jar Campaign Business Participants:  Bowers Fancy Dairy Products, Calomiris Fruits & Vegetables, Canales Delicatessen, Canales Quality Meats, Capitol Hill Bikes, Capitol Hill Poultry, Capitol Hill Produce, Dawn Price Baby, Eastern Market Grocery, Fairy Godmother, Fine Sweet Shop, Frager’s Hardware, Groovy, Howl to the Chief, Labyrinth Games Shop, Market Poultry, Metro Mutts, Monkey’s Uncle, Pound the Hill, Roland’s Corner Market, Southern Maryland Seafood, The Hill Center, Tortilla Café, Tune Inn, Tunnicliff’s Tavern, Union Meat Company, LLC.

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