Coffee and the Hurricane – Peregrine

Amy Brothers Interviews Randy Kindle Monday Morning

Coffee and the Hurricane – Peregrine (per’e-grin,-gren); 1. Foreign; alien; 2. Roving/wandering; migratory

by Larry Janezich

Peregrine Espresso, open until 2:00pm today, was the beneficiary of the attention of new media photojournalist student Amy Brothers, whose project this week is “Coffee and the Hurricane.”  Brothers is pursuing a Master’s degree in new media photojournalism at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. 

She interviewed always friendly Peregrine barista Randy Kindle this morning.  Last week, her project featured Capitol Hill Books.  That video is already posted and can be viewed here:  The interview with Kindle will be posted shortly. 

According to the Corcoran website, the Master of Arts in New Media Photojournalism is the first program of its kind, addressing the challenges facing photojournalism today and encourages experimentation with new ways of story-telling, documentation, and editing, and explores the latest digital practices taught in conjunction with the enduring fundamentals of visual reporting, editing, and ethics.



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  1. Maggie Hall

    Amy Brothers certainly knows which part of DC is home to great, colorful, stories!