Controversy Over Mural Proposed for Barracks Row

Proposed Mural for Tash/Nooshi on Barracks Row

Proposed Mural for Tash/Nooshi on Barracks Row

The Side of 524 8th Street Is the Site of the Proposed Mural

The Side of 524 8th Street Is the Site of the Proposed Mural

Neighbors Question Taste and Appropriateness of Proposed Barracks Row Mural

by Larry Janezich

Tash and Nooshi co-owner Vanessa Lin will make a presentation on the proposed mural, pictured above, at Tuesday night’s ANC6B meeting at 7:00pm in Hill Center.  Nearby residential neighbors have expressed their displeasure about the mural to their ANC6B representative, Kirsten Oldenburg.  “Taste aside, we believe the mural is ill-suited for our historic Capitol Hill neighborhood,” said one concerned neighbor. 

The building at 524 8th Street, SE, formerly occupied by Chateaux Animaux, currently houses Tash House of Kabob, run by Lin’s husband, Nariman Modanlou, on its first floor.  A second floor restaurant, Nooshi (noodles and sushi) will be run by Lin and is scheduled to open at the end of March.  The couple owns two other similar restaurants – the original Nooshi downtown, and Moby Dick House of Kabob in Ashburn.


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17 responses to “Controversy Over Mural Proposed for Barracks Row

  1. elizabeth eby

    Seems out of context.

  2. 8th Street SE

    Barracks Row needs a little funk! I would love to see this go up.

  3. clint wright

    Has anybody seen how stiff, unimaginative, and basically unattractive the murals under the 295 overpass are? This mural at least has movement and some novel compositional elements. “History” doesn’t have to mean ossified, and moreover, it seems unclear exactly which aspects of local history “need” to be represented on these Barracks Row murals.

  4. J.Reed

    I think the mural looks pretty cool, to be honest. Art doesn’t always have to be an exact depiction of life, and a mural doesn’t have to be an exact depiction of it’s surrounding neighborhood. Also, what exactly WOULD be a mural in keeping with the historic area? John Phillips Souza?

    • IK

      [caution – sarcasm included] yes, a drowning person looks cool…

      it is not an exact depiction of life, it is not a depiction of anything – it is simply tasteless and artless… I feel for those leaving around the corner who would have to loot at it everyday…

      • Shaun

        As a person who would walk past it every day on my way to the Metro, I rather like it. Plus, if you go just a couple blocks south on 8th you’ll find an example of a much worse mural on the west side of the street between G & I.

      • 8th Street

        I thought it had to do with Nooshi being a sushi bar… hence the fish…

  5. Will

    I like the mural. It will look great painted there. Since the side of the building doesn’t have an old painted sign like Senart’s, what is the problem with that being on Capitol Hill?

  6. Eric K

    I think it will look cool. I think the area can use a little more interesting things. Barrack’s row is in a historic district, not a museum.

  7. Pete

    Seems to have no relationship to historic Barracks Row … and, moreover, does not seem to be a depiction of anything.

  8. Barbara Doll Peterson

    I think the proposed mural is very uninteresting. Why not have a competition among artists to give the residents of Capitol Hill a selection.
    Surely someone could come up with a cool and beautiful mural that we all could enjoy – even one of cows riding bicycles would be fun. BD

    • WD

      Not a fan of this mural but you really can’t expect to make everyone happy. For example, I would hate a mural with cows riding bicycles.

  9. kg

    I rather like the mural as designed. I think it is an improvement over a boring painted side of the building. Good on the owners for trying to improve the area!

  10. RD

    YUCK!!! I would not call that art at all!

  11. I find the proposed artwork rather ugly. But I also don’t see where we get off telling a private business what they can or can’t paint on the side of their building.

  12. J.E.Jones

    I actually like the fish – don’t really get the face, but — maybe theyshould just add in a capitol dome somewhere to make everyone happy!

  13. Nkg

    I like it! There is no conflict between the mural design and historic Barracks Row. There are plenty of us who reside in Capitol Hill precisely because it’s historic — but this doesn’t mean we want to live in a time warp.