The Week Ahead…. Mural, Zoning Regs, PA Ave Development?


The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, March 12

ANC6B meets for its regular monthly meeting at 7:00pm in Hill Center.


Consent Calendar

The following items are on the Consent Calendar, which means they will be approved en bloc without debate or further consideration, unless a commissioner announces prior to taking the vote that s/he wishes that item removed and dealt with separately. 

Among the items on the Consent Calendar are the following:  Change in operating hours for The Silver Spork, Hank’s Oyster Bar, Gandel’s Liquors, JJ Mutts Wine & Spirits, World Liquors, Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits, unenclosed sidewalk café for Tash, 524 8th Street, SE


Among the scheduled presentations, Tash House of Kabob co-owner Vanessa Lin will make a presentation on a proposed mural on the exterior of 524 8th Street, SE (Tash).

Development and Parking Issues:

A two year extension for a variance from lot occupancy requirements for off street parking to allow conversion of the existing laundromat at 732 15th Street to a three story apartment building.  (Photo above)  The owner of the site is negotiating with the owner of the adjacent former Domino’s Pizza site on Pennsylvania Avenue, holding out the possibility that the plan for the three story apartment building could become considerably larger, but wants the extension in the meantime should he be unable to acquire the additional property.  The ANC’s Planning and Zoning took no position on the extension, in the hopes the developer will agree to address requests from nearby neighbors that the developer clean up the building and façade of the laundromat in the interim, pending development. 

The main portion of the meeting will be given over to discussion of Planning and Zoning recommendations regarding the Office of Planning’s proposed revisions of the Zoning Regulations, the chief effect of which would be to increase density near transportation lines and Metro stations, by removing the requirement that developers provide parking at the rate of .6 spaces per residential unit in multi-unit residences, city wide.  Opponent’s main objection is that the change would make the difficult Capitol Hill parking situation even harder.  The impact will be felt more strongly in those areas outside the Historic District, especially Hill East, where there are fewer restrictions on development.  The Planning and Zoning Committee endorsed the revisions at its meeting last Tuesday. 

Wednesday, March 13

The ANC6B Transportation Committee meets at 6:30pm in Hill Center, to discuss the Pennsylvania-Potomac avenue Intersection Study and the Barney Circle SE Boulevard Study. 

Wednesday, March 13

Barracks Row Main Street Annual Meeting, 6:00pm, at Tabula Rasa, 731 8th Street SE.  See

Thursday, February 14

CHRS Zoning Committee meets at 7:30pm at 420 10th Street, SE.

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