Piece of the Story – Featuring the Work of Joseph Snyder

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum

Piece of the Story – Featuring the Work of Joseph Snyder

Editor:  Larry Janezich

Joseph Snyder: 

When art is partisan, it often degenerates into propaganda.  However, for those who believe that most every action or inaction is in some way inherently political, then art is also inherently political.

‘E Pluribus Unum’ is a sketchbook line drawing elaborated with ink, inkwash and watercolor in the context of a bookplate.  The greatest joy of drawing is the freedom to just make things up, even with the constraints of verisimilitude and my modest understanding of anatomy and perspective. 

This particular sketchbook treatise is inspired by Honore Daumier’s 1848 painting ‘La Republique’, which was a competition entry for an official tableau of the Second Republic.  Daumier depicted France personified as woman on a throne much like Lincoln in his memorial, but with France suckling two presumably French children.  As I sometimes do, I thought – what would Daumier do today?

Joseph Snyder is a resident of Capitol Hill.  He sells his art on weekends at Eastern Market.

 Ed. – capitolhillcorner.org feature “Piece of the Story” presents an image of a work by a local artist and a paragraph written by the artist explaining how the piece tells the story of the artist’s recent work.  If you are interested in contributing, please send an image and 200-300 words, including any biographical info and any venue where your work can be viewed, as well as contact information to: ljjanezich@hotmail.

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