MotoPhoto To Relocate Above Labyrinth Game Shop

When One Door Closes...

When One Door Closes…

...Another One Opens

…Another One Opens

MotoPhoto To Relocate Above Labyrinth Game Shop

Survives Turnover as Displacement of Capitol Hill Retail Continues

by Larry Janezich

As the displacement of Capitol Hill retail by food and drink establishments continues, MotoPhoto and Sprint follow The Blue Iris, the Capitol Hill Frame Shop, Backstage, The Dollar Store and Yes! as the latest victims of the trend toward the higher rents that fast food and high end-eateries can afford.

Having had their month-to-month lease terminated by Stanton Development to make way for the new Sona Creamery and Wine Bar opening this fall at 7th and PA Avenue (as reported on July 10 below), MotoPhoto will relocate directly across Pennsylvania Avenue to the second floor space above the Labyrinth Game Shop.

Owner Stuart Hovell says he would prefer to be where he is, but settled on the move across the street after a potential deal to move to the building which formerly housed The Village next to Port City Java fell through.

Hovell says the space above Labyrinth is slightly larger and the interior more open.  He expects to run the same operation with more emphasis on custom framing.  Most of his business, he says, comes from printing – photos and enlargements.  The shop will continue to offer passport photo services.  Hovell says he shoots 20-30 passport photos a day – many of them for Canadian passports, as his shop is one of five in the area approved by the highly particular Canadian Embassy.

MotoPhoto will move its operation this coming weekend and expects to reopen September 3, in its new location.  Meanwhile, in the interests of simplifying the move, everything in the current location is 25% off.

Sprint, in the space adjacent to the current MotoPhoto location, is reported to be distributing its stock and services to existing Sprint outlets rather than relocating on Capitol Hill.



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10 responses to “MotoPhoto To Relocate Above Labyrinth Game Shop

  1. How is Yes a vicitm? They needed more space and took it when the old Blockbuster space became available:

  2. Wendy Blair

    What is the precise street address for motoPhoto then? I don’t know all these shops you mention.

  3. Paxton

    I love Motophoto and really like Stuart. I’ll continue to go there. I just wish Stuart still did portraits at his store! I’m sure he’ll continue to thrive in the new location.


  4. Marci Hilt

    Sigh. And SEB continues its march onward …

  5. charls

    its not that food places pay more rent. Its everything except food is bought on the internet now. Larry why don’t you find out some facts before you start writing

    • anon

      …and yet Fragers, Hill’s Kitchen et al survive and thrive despite selling lots of goods which can be purchased online for less $. There’s plenty of room for service oriented establishments who can focus on curation and customer service. From my experience Motophoto fits this bill as well.

      • frank and beans

        fragers and hills kitchen own their buildings so they aren’t subject to rent squeezes and turn over so clearly visible in the Stanton building in recent years.

  6. Lora E

    I too love Motophoto and the awesome service given by the employees and will be frequenting the new shop.Last-minute custom developments of photos for gifts and for photo exhibits are not something I can get on the Internet.

  7. Best service and products on Capitol Hill. I will definitely be going to the new location (after I hit up the sale!). Keep shopping local!!!!

  8. Sandra Bruce

    I miss Kresge’s, Safeway, Morton’s pharmacy and China Wall.