“Medium Rare” Fixed Price Steak Bistro To Succeed Fusion Grill by Thanksgiving

“Medium Rare” Fixed Price Steak Bistro To Succeed Fusion Grill by Thanksgiving

by Larry Janezich

Barracks Row Main Street announced today that the Cheung family, owners of both Fusion Grill and Lavagna, has decided to relocate Fusion Grill to a new nearby space and lease the current Fusion Grill space to “Medium Rare.”  The fixed price steak bistro has outlets in Cleveland Park and Bethesda.  According to Stephen Cheung who runs Lavagna, Fusion Grill will re-open soon and focus entirely on Asian take-out.

The new steak restaurant is expected to open on Barracks Row by Thanksgiving.  According to Barracks Row Main Street, “the Parisian cafe themed bistro famously asks only two questions of diners: ‘how would you like your steak done’ and ‘what wine would you like?’” According Medium Rare’s website, “Their goal is to provide a fun, friendly, neighborhood environment where their customers can just relax, and have a simple yet exceptional meal served to them.”

The menu for the Cleveland Park outlet is as follows:


$19.50 Set Menu

Artisan Rustic Bread

Mixed Green Salad

Culotte Steak & Hand-Cut Fries with Secret Sauce


$23 Inclusive

(Bottomless Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, Mimosa, Coffee and Fresh Orange juice)

Fresh, rustic bread and choice of: Vanilla yogurt parfait, Farm Fresh fruit salad or our mixed green salad

Steak Frites


Steak and Eggs with “the perfect poached egg” or our house scrambled eggs

Medium Rare’s Famous Benedict Sliced Steak, Portobello Mushroom,”the perfect poached egg”,

topped with sauce hollandaise

Egg Frites & Sausage

3 poached eggs or scrambled eggs, frites and Local Artisanal Sausage

French Toast and Sausage

The restaurant serves red wine by the glass ($9 – $13) or by the bottle ($34 – $50); white wine ($8 – $10) and ($30 – $38); a selection of draft beers ($6 – $8), and select spirits.

The Cleveland Park location is open for dinner daily from 5:00 pm until 10:00pm (11:00pm on Friday and Saturday)

Brunch Sunday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

No reservations required


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5 responses to ““Medium Rare” Fixed Price Steak Bistro To Succeed Fusion Grill by Thanksgiving

  1. J.B.

    Ugh, that is so disappointing. I’ve been to the Cleveland Park one and the food is terrible and the service is disappointing. This is the last thing we need on Barracks Row.

  2. Nice! My experiences at Medium Rare have always been positive – tasty food (though nothing mindblowing) and good service. And it’s a really good deal, especially for DC!

  3. Reblogged this on Urban Living By Alia and commented:
    #NewRestoAlert: Medium Rare to open second location on Barracks Row by Thanksgiving.

  4. dcgent

    We’ve enjoyed multiple meals at the CP Medium Rare–and never had a service issue (The concept doesn’t demand much on the servers honestly) and enjoyed the food. We didn’t go often because of its limited menu, but it occasionally caught us in a red meat craving. Not an exciting addition I will admit.

  5. SLK

    …and it’s pretty much the same concept as Bearnaise, but not as expensive.