Eastern Market’s Silver Spork Sold

The Silver Spork - Soon To Join List of "Do You Remember The....."

The Silver Spork – Soon To Join List of “Do You Remember The…..”

Eastern Market’s Silver Spork Sold

New “Radice” Will Feature Italian Specialty Foods and Products

by Larry Janezich

According to Kitty Kaupp of Stanton Development, Silver Spork owner Seth Shapiro has sold his six-year old business across the street from Eastern Market.  The unnamed purchaser, from Northern Virginia, will open an Italian specialty shop and deli featuring fine Italian wines and olive oils and sandwiches.  Kaupp says it will be in keeping with Stanton’s retail philosophy of focusing on products from small producers.  According to Kaupp, the Silver Spork will continue to operate through the end of the year, after which the venue will undergo remodeling by the new owner before reopening as “Radice” – Italian for “roots” –  early in 2014.

Shapiro – Managing Partner of “Just Around the Corner LLC” announced last September that that after six years as a Marvelous Market, the retail food shop across from Eastern Market would relinquish its association with the Marvelous Market chain and become “the local independent shop we have strived to be all this time.”  Shapiro did not respond to a request for comment regarding the sale.


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13 responses to “Eastern Market’s Silver Spork Sold

  1. Ted Knutson

    I will miss it. I hope the new owner will keep the outdoor seating

  2. Mary Clare

    I will miss it, too.

  3. Roger Tauss

    Don’t suppose we could be lucky enough that the unnamed purchaser from northern Virginia could be the Tremonte family from the Italian Store (Lee Hwy, Arlington). That would be unbelievably fortunate [not having to drive all the way out there for the only decent Italian sub in the area].

    • anon

      had the same thought and yes, that would be an great addition to the neighborhood. Will miss that the Spork was one of the few independent outlets on the Hill to offer decent Jewish holiday fare.

  4. Maggie Hall

    Hope we get to keep the great staff, the Jewish Rye Bread…. along with with the same hours.

  5. Susan Leigh

    Bummer…I was a regular for coffee in the am…loved their baked goods and food items. Will miss this store 😦

  6. Maggie Hall

    Need to add…. Spork has become a pivotal part of the neighborhood. And the Friday night family music nights were great. And Seth certainly played his part in the community – always ready to donate, etc.

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  8. Katy

    Roger, I agree that the Italian Store family would be a wonderful surprise. However, if you’re looking for subs, the absolute best (better than the Italian Store in my humble opinion) is Litteri’s up at the industrial district between NY Ave and Florida Ave NE, specifically on Morris St between 5th and 6th. Greatest subs ever. And cheap ($5!).

  9. Jeff Zippin

    Very sad. A favorite hang out for coffee and great bakery goods, and the great sandwiches. Please please please keep the baguettes….ZiP

  10. J.E.Jones

    I hope the new establishment will continue to offer at least some of the variety that is now available for shoppers, etc. and not be just a specialty store for Italian fare especially since we have an oils, etc. store just around the corner

  11. Levi Williamson

    The store is currently a mixed pot of unrelated and irrelevant items, I’m pleased that someone new will finally be stepping in and giving it a “theme”. I am looking forward to the change.