The Week Ahead ….And the End of a Barracks Row Eyesore

The Week Ahead ….And the End of a Barracks Row Eyesore

by Larry Janezich

425 8th Street will soon house a Bank of America ATM

425 8th Street will soon house a Bank of America ATM

The crumbling façade of 425 8th Street – a long vacant eyesore on Barracks Row whose last occupant was a retail jewelry store – is getting a face lift and interior renovation.  In about two weeks, it will be the location of a Bank of America ATM.  Perhaps not ideal for residents  anxious for retail on 8th Street, but certainly an improvement.  425 8th is located between the Verizon store and DC – 3 – across the street from the Fire Station.

The Week Ahead…..

Monday, February 3

Mayor Gray will attend the ribbon cutting ceremony marking the opening of the newly renovated Northeast Library at 10:00am, 330 7th Street, SE.  The Library has been closed for 16 months for a $10 million renovation.

Monday, February 3

CHRS Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm, Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE.

Tuesday, February 4

ANC6b Planning and Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm at St Coletta of Greater Washington, 19th and Independence Ave SE.

On the agenda:

Request for a zoning variance from parking space size requirements for a new apartment building at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Request for a public space permit for an unenclosed sidewalk café for District Taco

Wednesday, February 5

ABC6B Transportation Committee meets at 6:30pm in Hill Center.

On the agenda:

Discussion of FY14 Performance Parking Fund and possible projects.

Discussion of proposals for Vendor Parking During Hine Constructeion

Discussion of DDOT oversight hearing.

Thursday, February 6

Joint meeting of ANC6B ABC Committee and Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force on at 7:00 pm in Hill Center.

On the agenda:

Testimony for Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration oversight hearing

Additional DC Council oversight hearing testimony

Input on Mayor Gray’s FY15 budget priorities

Rat abatement on Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Thursday, February 6

PSA 107 meets at 7:00pm, location TBA owning to temporary closure of Southeast Library.

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