New Letter Confronts DMPED’s Decade-Long Flouting of Transparency Laws

New Letter Confronts DMPED’s Decade-Long Flouting of Transparency Laws

by Larry Janezich

On February 11, Muriel Bowser took Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins to task for the on-going lack of transparency which has characterized his office for more than a decade.  She did so during her Committee on Economic Development oversight hearing of DMPED, and in response to earlier testimony from Brian Flahaven, Chair of ANC6B, regarding the Hine project and by Oliver Hall, an attorney for litigants who are appealing the Zoning Commission approval of the West End Library and Hine development projects.

District residents filed formal FOIA requests in both the Hine and West End cases to obtain withheld records and in each case DMPED declined the request in whole or part, but in each case was reversed on appeal to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) to the Mayor.  In the Hine case, the OGC issued a stinging rebuke to DMPED’s citation of the “trade secrets exemption” as a general basis for withholding public records, saying [it] “comes perilously close to insulting the Court’s intelligence.”

Hoskins testified before Bowser that DMPED does not publicly disclose documents relating to the lease or sale of public properties to private developers because “we haven’t been required to do it.”  That appears to be flat out wrong, since the Freedom of Information Act requires DMPED to post on its website, contracts created after November 1, 2001.

In a March 3 letter to Bowser and members of the City Council, Hall wrote: “A recent search of DMPED’s website did not reveal a single final LDA available for public review.  In fact, most of the projects listed under the ‘Real Estate Projects’ section of DMPED’s website do not link to any documents whatsoever.  …the Hine and West End Public Library properties – are not even listed….”

Hoskins went on to testify on February 11 that “We’re not trying to hide anything.”  Bowser said, “But we do hide it.  It gets lost….   It shouldn’t be FOIA’d.  We can do this proactively and just put [the information] out. our default.  Will you work with me?”

Hoskins replied, “Sure.”

In his letter, dated March 3rd, Oliver Hall asked Bowser not to rely on Hoskins’ “vague pledge” of more openness.  He requested that she schedule another hearing to investigate DMPED’s ongoing lack of transparency and to take action to ensure DMPED complies with the FOIA by posting all LDAs and other public contracts on its website.

At issue, in Hall’s eyes, is the lack of ability of the committee or the city council to provide adequate oversight and ensure that taxpayers get fair market value for public property DMPED leases or sells to private developers.  Also implicit is the issue of the slipshod legislative process by which the council approves draft Land Lease Development Agreements, saying in effect, the details can be worked out by staff.   This is a tremendous delegation of discretionary authority, so much so that it can be characterized as a failure of oversight.

As of today, Capitol Hill Corner has not been made aware by any response from Muriel Bowser.  Hall’s letter was also copied to the city council.

A copy of Hall’s letter can be found in the CHC Library – click on the link at the top of the page.

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4 responses to “New Letter Confronts DMPED’s Decade-Long Flouting of Transparency Laws

  1. Cheryl Wagner

    Thank you for this important article.

  2. Best of luck to you all. It seems that issues such as this are cropping up all over the city. Hopefully the legislation from Bowser regarding LDAs and Phil Mendelson’s reaction in the DC Office of Planning performance oversight hearing are a sign of things to come.

  3. Andrea Rosen

    This is where the pedal meets the metal, Muriel. Let’s see if you pay more than lip service to the ideals of transparency and the city getting full compensation for the assets it is divesting. (How will the city fund its social programs, or ever acquire property in the future, if it rolls over to every developer that comes down the pike?)

  4. Andrea Rosen

    Sorry to clutter up this web page, but I forgot one point: I suggest that at the remaining mayoral forums, people ask the candidates whether, if they are elected, they will keep Victor Hoskins on as DMPED.