Madison Investment Plans 49 Unit Higher End Residential Project for 11th and I Streets, SE

912 11th Street, SE.  Future Site of Madison Investment's 49 Unit Residential Building

912 11th Street, SE. Future Site of Madison Investment’s 49 Unit Residential Building

Madison Investment Plans 49 Unit Higher End Residential Project for 11th and I Streets, SE

by Larry Janezich

Madison Investments President Sia Madani revealed plans to develop a 49 unit residential building at 912 11th Street, S.E. – the current location of the Washington Auto Club – at ANC 6B’s June meeting last night.  The project is three blocks from the lower 8th Street and Barracks Row; close to M Street, SE, and the Navy Yard; and diagonally across 11th and I from the Tyler School playground.

According to representatives of Madison, the units will be heavily weighted toward the two bedroom models.  The project is in the Capitol Hill Historic District and will be subject to HPRB review.  Madison hopes to go before HPRB at the end of July and will appear before ANC6B’s  Planning and Zoning Committee in early July to support its historic preservation application.  The company anticipates breaking ground in December of 2014 and that construction will take twelve months.

Madison (father Madini and sons) Investment, based in D.C., was established in 2006. The family owned firm has focused on the development of luxury condominiums.  Its first project, completed in 2007, was on Capitol Hill at 652 Massachusetts, Avenue, NE.  Madison has developed several residential/retail projects in NW since then.  A project currently in the pipeline and scheduled for completion in mid-2015 is the Elysium 14 Gallery at 1925 14th Street NW.


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13 responses to “Madison Investment Plans 49 Unit Higher End Residential Project for 11th and I Streets, SE

  1. Ben

    Do you have any renderings of this you can share?

  2. Drawings of the project were not made available at last night’s meeting. Renderings will be necessary when the developer appears before ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee for its review of the anticipated historic preservation application.

  3. anon

    who knew living by the SE Freeway would become the next hot spot for developers?

  4. Do we really need/want a 49 unit building in this area? More congestion and cars. We already have 4 mega buildings going up near Nats stadium.

  5. Kirsten Oldenburg

    This development is within my single member district and I will be working with the developers and community prior to the July ANC meetings. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact me.

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  7. Alan

    Yes, Stalking Sands, we need a 49 unit building in this area, which (along with 14th Street) is one of the fastest growing areas in the city. People want to live here. They don’t want to patronize the car lot currently there. It’s simple economics. Also, a lot of young people moving into the city are ditching cars. There’s a bike lane running alongside this property and bus lines and a Circulator nearby.

  8. 8th Street SE

    Nice! That area could use some more residential development.

    • anon

      On paper this sounds like a decent plan and it’s a substantial lot. It’s hard to argue for keeping what’s there now. Nice to see a developer build for a family market instead of singles/DINKs, but I hop it fits with the 2 story row houses across the street on I

  9. DC007

    I live a few blocks north of this location and fully support this development! I have also heard very good things about this particular developer.

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  11. DLG

    Stalkingsands: Yes – we need this development. Yes – we need to develop all the empty lots in Capitol Hill. Yes – if you live in Capitol Hill your primary mode of transportation should be public transportation. And, lastly – Yes – more people makes for a more vibrant community that also makes the community safer and increases amenities (like better retail stores on Barracks Row). Build this ASAP.

  12. 202_Cyclist

    DLG– well said. This is within a mile (20 min walk) of three metro stations and is served by several bus routes.