Most ANC6B Commissioners Will Not Seek Re-election This Fall

Most ANC6B Commissioners Will Not Seek Re-election This Fall

by Larry Janezich

Six of the current ANC6B Commissioners will not seek re-election this fall.  Those who are retiring include Vice Chair Ivan Frishberg, Treasurer Brian Pate, Secretary Nicole Opkins, Parliamentarian Phil Peisch, ABC Committee Chair Sara Loveland, and long-time commissioner Dave Garrison.

Those who have announced they will seek re-election include Chair Brian Flahaven, Transportation Committee Chair Kirsten Oldenburg, and Commissioner Chander Jayaraman.

Planning and Zoning Committee Chair Francis Campbell told CHC he has not made up his mind yet but is leaning towards running.

Frishberg and Pate, were both elected in 2010 as part of an effort to reform the operation of ANC6B.  Sunday night, Frishberg emailed his decision not to seek re-election to his constituents.

“I wanted to write and let you know that after almost four years on the ANC, I have decided not to seek reelection this November.  I have been honored to represent and serve our incredible neighborhood. And while I will certainly find other ways to serve, it is time for me to move on from the role of ANC Commissioner…I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to work with so many of you and to be involved with some of the key issues that impact our neighborhood. The ANC is a pretty incredible opportunity we have to engage in local government. My experience since being elected in 2010 has given me a greater appreciation for both the value of this hyper-local level of government and of the contributions of so many in our neighborhood to making the Eastern Market neighborhood so strong and so important to its residents.”

Pate announced his decision today:  “I’ve informally shared with several people that I will not seek reelection in November. Serving as an ANC Commissioner has been a great privilege and deeply rewarding experience. I’ve learned so much about our community and the great people who live here – I’m proud to call you my neighbors. But serving on the ANC, doing it well, takes a great deal of time and commitment. Four years is the right amount of time to serve.  I have a long punch list of projects to complete or position for success in the six remaining months of the term, and look forward to working with all of you to “get ’em done.” Beyond that, I’ll certainly remain involved in the neighborhood, hopefully in a purely philanthropic capacity.”

Today, July 7th, petitions for getting on the ballot this fall became available at the DC Board of Elections, 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 250 North.  Twenty-five signatures of registered voters in an ANC Single Member District are necessary to place a candidate’s name on the ballot.  A map of ANC6B Single Member Districts is available here:

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