The Week Ahead …. And ANC6B – Who’s Running? (4th Update)

Eastern Market Metro Plaza, Wednesday, July 16, 2014, c. 9:00 pm

Eastern Market Metro Plaza, Wednesday, July 16, 2014, c. 9:00 pm

The Week Ahead …. And ANC6B – Who’s Running?

by Larry Janezich

Six Five FOUR ANC6B Seats Currently Have No Candidates

Here is a list of ANC6B’s Single Member Districts (SMDs), current commissioner, and the potential candidates who have picked up petitions (according to the DC Board of Elections) to get their names on the ballot in the general election in November.  Petitions must be signed by 25 registered voters in the potential candidate’s SMD and filed with the DC Board of Elections by Wednesday, August 6.  Nominating petitions will be posted in the Board’s office for a ten-day challenge period during which any registered District voter may challenge the validity of any petition by a written statement signed by the challenger and filed with the Board. The statement must specify concisely the alleged defect(s) in the petition.  Petitions are declared invalid most frequently because residents who are ineligible to sign them are disqualified, which takes the number of signatures below the required 25.

ANC6B01 – (Vacant, Dave Garrison resigned)  Candidates:  NONE YET

ANC6B02 – (Ivan Frishberg, retiring)  Candidates:   Gerald Sroufe, Diane Hoskins

ANC6B03 – (Phil Peisch, retiring)  Candidates:  NONE YET

ANC6B04 – (Kirsten Oldenburg, seeking re-election)  Candidates:  Kirsten Oldenburg

ANC6B05 – (Brian Pate)  Candidates:  NONE YET

ANC6B06 – (Nichole Opkins, retiring)  Candidates:  Nick Burger, Anthony Cassillo

ANC6B07 – (Sara Loveland, retiring)  Candidates:  Daniel Chao

ANC6B08 – (Chander Jayaraman, seeking re-election)  Candidates:  NONE YET

ANC6B09 – (Brian Flahaven, seeking re-election)  Candidates:  Brian Flahaven

ANC6B10 – (Francis Campbell, retiring)  Candidates:  UPDATE:  Candidates:  Denise Rucker Krepp, Peter Gould

A map of ANC6B’s SMDs can be found here:

Petitions can be picked up here:

DC Board of Elections

441 4th Street, NW, Suite 250 North

Washington, DC 20001

Tel: (202) 727-2525 | TTY: (202) 639-8916 | Tollfree: 1-866-DC-VOTE

The DC Board of Election’s Candidate Guide to Ballot Access can be found here:


The Week Ahead….

The rush to depart Washington for summer holiday has begun, with the result that little is happening on the political scene in the coming week.

Monday, July 21

ANC 6A Transportation & Public Space Committee Meets at 7:00pm in Maury Elementary School (1250 Constitution Avenue, NE) – Note location change.

Among items on the agenda:

Consideration of support for renaming of 11th Street NE and Florida Avenue NE as “Ruby Whitfield Way”

Request by residents to install stop sign at 11th Street NE and F Street NE

Monday, July 21

ANC6A Community Outreach Committee Meeting CANCELLED

Wednesday, July 23

ANC6A Economic Development Committee Meeting CANCELLED



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