The Week Ahead….Who’s Running for Commissioner In The Four Capitol Hill ANCs?

The Week Ahead….Who’s Running for Commissioner In The Four Capitol Hill ANCs?

by Larry Janezich

The Week Ahead

Monday, July 30

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) meets at 7:00pm, in the North Hall, Eastern Market. Among items on the agenda is an update on Eastern Market’s policy on solicitations, petitioning etc., on Market property.  The Committee will also consider Resolutions of Appreciation for two Market vendors who passed away last week –  Becky Mensah and Bob King.

Thursday, July 31

12:00noon – 2:00pm.  Mayor Gray kicks off the latest iteration of “Murals DC” and DC’s fight against illegal graffiti at the “carnival” celebration of the completion of a mural on the entrance of the Rumsey Aquatic Facility (next to Eastern Market) by artist Aniekan Udofia.  The announcement of the event calls it a carnival festivity, featuring a trapeze school, face painting, animal balloons, cotton candy, sno-cones, music and free giveaways.   Murals DC is a DPW project that combats illegal graffiti with original innovative murals throughout DC.

Aniekan Udofia is the artist who created the mural “American Express” on 8th Street, just below the freeway.  CHC’s post on that and more information on the artist can be found here:

ANC6B and ANC6D Still Shy of Sufficient Candidates – Deadline Looms

There are still three seats – one in ANC6B and two in ANC6D – which currently have no candidates for the fall election.  To become a candidate, a nominating petition signed by 25 registered voters in a candidate’s Single Member District (SMD) must be filed with the DC Board of Elections by August 6.  These nominating petitions will be posted in the Board’s office for a ten-day challenge period during which any registered District voter may challenge the validity of any petition by a written statement signed by the challenger and filed with the Board. The statement must specify concisely the alleged defect(s) in the petition.  Petitions are declared invalid most frequently because residents who are ineligible to sign them are disqualified, which takes the number of signatures below the required 25.

Following is a list of the Single Member Districts in the four Ward Six ANCs which comprise Capitol Hill, the current commissioner for each SMD, and the potential candidates who have picked up nominating petitions as of 5:53pm on July 25 (according to the DC Board of Elections) to get their names on the ballot in the general election in November.

ANC6A – Three Commissioners Retire – But Candidates Emerge for all SMDs

ANC6A01 – (J. Omar Mahmud,  incumbent)  Candidates:  Raphael V. Marshall, Andy Clark, J. Omar Mahmud.

ANC6A02 – (Gloria Nauden, retiring)  Candidates:  Phil Toomajian

ANC6A03 – (Chris Ward, incumbent)  Candidates:  Chris Ward

ANC6A04 – (Nick Alberti, incumbent)  Candidates:  Nick Alberti, Matt Levy

ANC6A05 – (Jay Williams, retiring)  Candidates:  Dan Allen, Patrick A. Malone

ANC6A06 – (Andrew Hysell, retiring)  Candidates:  Todd Slover

ANC6A07 – (Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, incumbent)  Candidates:  Sondra Phillips-Gilbert

ANC6A08 – (Calvin Ward, incumbent)  Candidates:  Calvin Ward

A map of ANC6A’s SMDs can be found here:

ANC6B – Seven Commissioners Retire – One Seat Currently Has No Candidate

ANC6B01 – (Vacant, Dave Garrison resigned)  Candidates:  NONE YET

ANC6B02 – (Ivan Frishberg, retiring)  Candidates:   Gerald Sroufe, Diane Hoskins

ANC6B03 – (Phil Peisch, retiring)  Candidates:  James M. Loots

ANC6B04 – (Kirsten Oldenburg, incumbent)  Candidates:  Kirsten Oldenburg

ANC6B05 – (Brian Pate, retiring)  Candidates:  Carl B. Reeverts

ANC6B06 – (Nichole Opkins, retiring)  Candidates:  Nick Burger, Anthony Cassillo

ANC6B07 – (Sara Loveland, retiring)  Candidates:  Daniel Chao

ANC6B08 – (Chander Jayaraman, incumbent)  Candidates:  Chander Jayaraman

ANC6B09 – (Brian Flahaven, incumbent)  Candidates:  Brian Flahaven

ANC6B10 – (Francis Campbell, retiring)  Candidates:  Denise Rucker Krepp, Peter Gould

A map of ANC6B’s SMDs can be found here:

ANC6C – All Commissioners Will Seek Re-Election – Currently Have No Opponents

ANC6C01 – (Daniele Schiffman, incumbent)  Daniele Schiffman

ANC6C02 – (Karen Wirt, incumbent)  Karen Wirt

ANC6C03 – (Scott Price, incumbent)  Scott Price

ANC6C04 – (Mark Eckenweiler, incumbent) Mark Eckenweiler

ANC6C05 – (Mark Kazmierczak, incumbent)  Mark Kazmierczak

ANC6C06 – (Tony Goodman, incumbent)  Tony Goodman

A map of ANC6C’s SMDs can be found here:

ANC6D – Two Commissioners Retire – No Candidates Yet for Two Seats

ANC6D01 – (Sam Marrero, incumbent)  NONE YET

ANC6D02 – (Stacy Cloyd, incumbent)  Stacy Cloyd

ANC6D03 – (Rachel Carroll, incumbent)  Rachel Carrol

ANC6D04 – (Andy Litsky, incumbent)  Andy Litsky

ANC6D05 – (Roger Moffat, incumbent)  Roger Moffat

ANC6D06 – (Rhonda Hamilton, retiring)  NONE YET

ANC6D07 – (David Garber, retiring)  Josh Hart, Meredith Fascett

A map of ANC6D’s SMDs can be found here:

Nomination petitions can be picked up here:

DC Board of Elections

441 4th Street, NW, Suite 250 North

Washington, DC 20001

Tel: (202) 727-2525 | TTY: (202) 639-8916 | Tollfree: 1-866-DC-VOTE

The DC Board of Election’s Candidate Guide to Ballot Access can be found here:

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