Pret a Manger Opens PA Avenue, SE, Location on Friday, August 1

Pret A Manger at 3rd and PA Avenue, SE, Opens Friday, August 1

Pret A Manger at 3rd and PA Avenue, SE, Opens Friday, August 1

Pret a Manger Opens PA Avenue, SE, Location on Friday, August 1

by Larry Janezich

The new Pret A Manger (formerly Cosi) at 3rd and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, is scheduled to open Friday, August 1.  The high-end sandwich shop will offer sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, wraps, soups, baguettes, as well as pastries, bagels, muffins and hot oatmeal.

From their website:  “We make our stuff fresh so we can sell it fresh (it’s old fashioned but works well).  We donate our sandwiches to charity instead of keeping them over to sell the next day.  Because we make our food by hand in each store throughout the day, you won’t find “shelf life” dates and “display until” messages on our salads and sandwiches.  We simply don’t need to sell old food.”  The new location will host a soft opening today, Thursday, July 31, 2014.  Their menu can be viewed here:

According to the building’s owner, Douglas Development, the restaurant will occupy 4,300 square feet and offer two floors of indoor dining space as well as the outside patio.

The London-based restaurant chain has numerous east coast locations in NYC, Chicago and Boston.  This location will be its eighth in DC – another Capitol Hill Pret a Manger is located in Union Station.



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8 responses to “Pret a Manger Opens PA Avenue, SE, Location on Friday, August 1

  1. Oh goodie. Another fast food chain on Capitol Hill. Pretty soon we will lose our unique neighborhood identity and be like every other “upscale” neighborhood in the country. If we can only get a Target slotted into Hine Elementary, we will be set.

    • Craig D'Ooge

      I was up in Baltimore in the Hampten neighborhood a few weeks ago…made me miss the old Capitol Hill. When they add a Trader Joes or Whole Foods to the Hine project, the life will drain out of the Eastern Market that everyone worked so hard to preserve. When the wig store on Pennsylvania Ave. goes, I figure the crazy mix that was Capitol Hill will be gone. The renovation of the Hawk and Dove is a disaster. The ANCs and zoning people seem to think a “community” is made of two things: bars and restaurants. We are rapidly becoming a Historic Preserve surrounded by South Beach.

    • Michael

      I’m not sure how replacing one upscale sandwich shop (Cosi) with another upscale sandwich shop (Pret) changes the neighborhood’s character. Please explain further.

    • anon

      I agree on one level, but Pret a Manger > cosi seems like a wash to slight gain. Rodmans in Hine would be great, as it’s a DC institution in upper NW and would be far more accessible in our neighborhood. I’d gladly take Rodmans over Traders or WF for that spot

    • Necromancer

      Hine was actually a middle school. It’s right there on the building, or at least it used to be. I am more sanguine about businesses that choose not to remain open on weekends so as to serve neighborhood residents. We the Pizza and Good Stuff come to mind (not that I would patronize either), as does Mangialardos, which shutters its doors pretty early on weekdays.

  2. Lisa

    Where do they donate their extras?

  3. Hill Feller

    Oh, come on. The neighborhood is changing to reflect evolving needs, wants, and tastes. That is a sign of healtb and economic vitality. Retail is looooooow margin and the neighborhood alone has a hard time supporting it. The Eastern Market flea market that everyone loves? It’s the tourists that keep that afloat –not the Hill Folks.

    Sure, remember the quirky past with affection but also recognize that the stores that stay any succeed are the ones that are the ones identifying and meeting customer needs. Good for them. They may not be my wants and needs but they are obviously somebody’s.