ANC6B Approves 10 Condo Unit/Expanded La Lomita on PA Ave, SE

View of Condo Projett and La Lomita from Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

View of condo project and La Lomita from Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  The triangle park on the left which separates G Street, SE, from Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, is owned by the National Park Service.  

ANC6B Approves 10 Condo Unit/Expanded La Lomita on PA Ave, SE

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday night, ANC6B approved zoning variances to allow construction of ten condos and a 1,000 square foot expansion for La Lomita at 1330-1336 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

According to PGN Architect partner Jeff Goins – who is also the architect for the 49 unit residential project at 11th and I Streets, SE, planned by Madison Investments – the project will expand the La Lomita’s second floor and incorporate two adjacent structures for the condos.  The expanded restaurant space on the first floor will provide space for a bar.

The condos will be 800 square foot one bedroom units and 900 square foot two bedroom units. One of the units will be designated affordable under the Inclusionary Zoning requirement.  Some units would have private roof decks, but there will be no common roof deck.

In response to concerns raised by nearby neighbors at last week’s ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee, negotiations among interested parties over the last several days moved the application for zoning adjustments forward to the point where the ANC felt comfortable in approving the request.  Although approval was not made contingent on a signed agreement between the neighbors and the project’s owner on outstanding issues, it was clear that all parties expected that an agreement would be reached which would justify the ANC signing off on the project at Tuesday night’s meeting..

Commissioners particularly lauded a portion of the agreement that stipulated a binding commitment that none of the residents of the project would be eligible to participate in the Residential Parking Permit program.  Neighbors had expressed concerns about the impact of the project on residential parking in the neighborhood.  Another concession the owner made to the neighbors concerned the materials which would be used for the project.  Commissioner Nick Burger, in whose single member district the project resides, expressed confidence that agreement would be reached on the outstanding trash disposal and specific construction concerns.


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13 responses to “ANC6B Approves 10 Condo Unit/Expanded La Lomita on PA Ave, SE

  1. Gerald Sroufe

    It is worth noting that the ANC Commissioners acknowledged that the proposed provision that none of the residents would be eligible for Residential Parking is completely unenforceable. The provision does not, therefore, address the continuing issue of residential parking on Capitol Hill and will, apparently, increase the number of cars seeking space on the neighborhood streets..

    • Tom

      Very good point, Gerald. Is there ANY way to make such agreements regarding ineligibility for RPPs enforceable? If not, should Council member Allen be asked to get involved, so that legislation could make such RPP agreements enforceable?

      • Corey H.

        Tommy Wells introduced a measure (NEIGHBORHOOD PARKING PROTECTION ACT OF 2013) a while back to make these agreements enforceable but it never went anywhere and was never brought back up in the council.

  2. Craig D'Ooge

    And so the Hinezation of our neighborhood continues.

  3. Eric H.

    While it will make the parking situation more complicated I don’t see any reason why condos owners shouldn’t qualify for a parking pass. They are spending money and purchasing a property just as homeowners are. And yes, for the record I am a homeowner in the neighborhood. Honestly the vehement opposition to increased density on commercial land plots seems misplaced to me.

    • dlg

      Could not agree with you more. Even more misplaced is the opposition from people who chose to live in a city. It’s like they bought their house and are now attempting to keep everyone else out.

    • Tom

      Eric, I don’t oppose increased density. I just want to be able to park my car somewhere near my home. Not too hard to understand.

      • David C

        You can rent a space pretty cheap on parking panda – if competing for heavily subsidized on-street parking doesn’t work for you.

  4. E. Masquinongy

    Tom: You can always buy or rent a space. But the street is not “your” parking.

    • Tom

      There is no place to rent a space within maybe a mile of my home. We aren’t spring chickens any more, the city can still be dangerous. We would very much prefer not to have to walk long distances to get home late at night. We drove around for 10 minutes last night, at 11 PM, before we could find a space.

  5. E. Masquinongy

    You can rent a space in my backyard, $50/month. I live about 6 blocks away.

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