Game On for “Eastern Market Main Street” Proposal

7th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and North Carolina would be the heart of an Eastern Market Main Street

7th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and North Carolina would be the heart of an Eastern Market Main Street

Game On for “Eastern Market Main Street” Proposal

by Larry Janezich

The 7th Street Market Association comprised of businesses near Eastern Market is promoting the establishment of an “Eastern Market Main Street” to take advantage of funding available in the District’s budget for creation two of the commercial advocacy and support entities.  There are currently ten “Main Streets” in the District including Barracks Row Main Street and H Street Main Street.   Last Tuesday, ANC6B voted 8 – 0 to give it’s  qualified support for creation of an Eastern Market Main Street – essentially giving a green light to take the effort to the next stage.  The ANC will revisit the issue before any final action is taken.

The proposed Eastern Market Main Street District would encompass 7th Street between North Carolina and Pennsylvania Avenue, C Street between 6th and 8th Streets, both sides of the 600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, and the businesses inside Eastern Market.  Undecided is how the Eastern Market outside vendors and the weekend flea market vendors would be incorporated or represented, but organizers seemed confident that could be resolved satisfactorily.

Main Streets are chartered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street program through an application process.  ANC approval is an initial step in the process of tapping District funds to support the effort.

The purpose of a Main Street is to promote member businesses and coordinate improvements to the the designated commercial corridors involved.  This includes street-scaping, façade improvements, use of technology and marketing.  Main Street organizations are funded through grants, contributions, and proceeds from sponsored events, not from fees or dues.

There will be a community meeting on July 26 at 7:00pm in Hill Center to solicit community input as to what community stakeholders want out of an Eastern Market Main Street.



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3 responses to “Game On for “Eastern Market Main Street” Proposal

  1. Sebastian

    I thought Main Street programs were used to revitalize “Main Streets” . Hard to see how that is justified for this area. Looks like just another money grab from the city. Just last week, I listened to a native whining at Eastern Market about all the people that Trader Joes is going to bring to the street.

  2. anon_1

    guaranteed way to ruin 7th st. who on earth would want to replicate 8th or H Sts?

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