Heroin Hotspot on H Street Gets Attention of ANC6A, CM Charles Allen, and MPD

Heroin Hotspot on H Street Gets Attention of ANC6A, CM Charles Allen, and MPD

by Larry Janezich

Thursday night, ANC6A Chair Phil Toomajian told the Commission that some of his constituents – residents who live near the intersection of 11th and H Streets, NE, had increasing concerns about quality of life issues on those corners, including loitering, public urination, intoxication and drug dealing.  He noted that there is no law against loitering, but the other issues are addressed by law and are alleged to occur frequently on the corner.

Confirmation of drug dealing came on Friday morning from CM Charles Allen.  At his community office hours at the Pretzel Bakery in Hill East, Allen related that in response to complaints he had asked the First District Commander to monitor activity at the location.  After witnessing drug activity taking place, undercover First District officers made at least one arrest for sale of heroin.

Toomajian said residents were associating the benches placed on the corners after redesign of the street scape with the quality of life issues, and wanted them removed and that a petition being circulated had more than 50 signatures.

The commission subsequently voted to send a letter to the city supporting removal of the benches from the Southeast and Southwest corners.  Toomajian acknowledged that removal of the benches might not solve the problem, but said the action would give some comfort to the neighbors.  The motion to send the letter was agreed to by a vote of 7 – 0 with one abstention.


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4 responses to “Heroin Hotspot on H Street Gets Attention of ANC6A, CM Charles Allen, and MPD

  1. Wonder Woman

    Really? Removing benches that Seniors might need to sit and rest will stop drug dealing? You must be on crack.

    • freshaire

      Agree with your assessment and comment. I think more than Seniors use and appreciate the benches. Removing the benches does NOT get to the source of the underlying problem. This is very short-sighted.

  2. Kantstandya

    Yes,I totally agree. Removing the benches is dumb. I highly doubt the drug dealers are the ones making use of it. Loitering is not against the law and removing the benches so people can sit, rest and maybe catch up is a really sly way of getting around that. Passive aggressive people like this is what makes me truly dislike what DC has become

  3. HillMom

    So after all that there is one arrest and the problem is solved? Let’s remove the benches! Problem over! Give me a break.