Final List of ANC Candidates for Ward Six – 11 Incumbents Not Running

Ward Six ANCs

Ward Six ANCs

Final List of ANC Candidates for Ward Six

by Larry Janezich

The close of business yesterday August 10, was the deadline for ANC candidates to file their 25 signature petitions with the DC Board of Elections.  Candidates must be registered to vote and have resided in their Single Member Districts (SMDs) for 60 days (since June 11, 2016) in order to qualify to stand for election and gather the signatures of at least 25 residents who are also registered residents of their SMDs.

The general election day is Tuesday, November 8.  Qualified electors may register to vote and/or cast ballots for their precincts at the polling places for their precincts.

The following current Ward Six ANC commissioners are not seeking re-election: 

ANC6A:  Omar Mahmud 6A01

ANC6B:  Daniel Chao 6B07

ANC6C:  Daniele Schiffman 6C01, Tony Goodman 6C06

ANC6D:  Marjorie Lightman 6D01, Stacy Cloyd 6D02, Rachel Reilly Carroll 6D03

ANC6E:  Kevin L. Chapple 6E02, Rachelle Nigro 6E04, Antonio Barnes 6E06, Alfreda S. Judd 6E07

List of incumbent Ward Six ANC Commissioners and candidates

6A01 Omar Mahmud (incumbent) not seeking reelection

6A01 Marie-Claire Brown

6A02 Phil Toomajian (incumbent)

6A03 Michael B Soderman (incumbent)

6A03 Gil Thompson

6A04 Matt Levy (incumbent)

6A05 Yair Inspektor

6A05 Patrick Malone (incumbent)

6A06 H.J. Amons Sr.

6A06 Peter Grant

6A06 Stephanie Zimny (incumbent)

6A07 Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (incumbent)

6A08 Calvin Ward (incumbent)


6B01 Jennifer E Samolyk (incumbent)

6B02 Diane Hoskins (incumbent)

6B03 James M Loots (incumbent)

6B03 Brian Ready

6B04 Kirsten Oldenburg (incumbent)

6B05 Steve Hagedorn (incumbent)

6B06 Nick Burger (incumbent)

6B07 Daniel Chao (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6B07 Aimee M. Grace

6B08 Chander Jayaraman (incumbent)

6B09 William Reed

6B09 Daniel Ridge (incumbent)

6B10 Cam Norris

6B10 Kathryn Denise Krepp (incumbent)

6B10 James Zeigler


6C01 Daniele Schiffman (incumbent) not seeking reelection

6C01 Christine Healey

6C02 Karen Wirt (incumbent)

6C03 Scott Price (incumbent)

6C04 Mark Eckenwiler (incumbent)

6C05 Chris Miller (incumbent)

6C06 Tony Goodman (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6C06 Heather Edelman

6C06 Graham Smith


6D01 Marjorie Lightman (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6D01 Gail Fast

6D01 Wes Ven Johnson

6D01 Martin Welles

6D01 Dorinda “Rindi” White

6D02 Stacy Cloyd (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6D02 Paul Biedlingmaier

6D02 Tori L. Collins

6D02 Cara Lea Shockley

6D03 Rachel Reilly Carroll (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6D03 (no candidate)

6D04 Andy Litsky (incumbent)

6D05 Rebekah Caruthers

6D05 Dana Lutenegger

6D05 Katelynd Mahoney

6D05 Roger Moffatt (incumbent)

6D06 Rhonda Natalie Hamilton (incumbent)

6D07 Meredith Fascett (incumbent)

6D07 Kathy Newman


6E01 Alexander M. “Alex” Padro (incumbent)

6E02 Kevin L. Chapple (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6E01 Mary A. Sutherland

6E02 Anthony Brown

6E02 Valerie Randolph

6E02 Eugene Simms

6E02 Leroy Thorpe

6E03 Kenneth James

6E03 Frank S. Wiggins (incumbent)

6E04 Rachelle Nigro (ncumbent) not seeking re-election

6E04 Lily Roberts

6E04 Sterlicia Rodney

6E04 Mohammed Seid

6E04 Phil Tsolakidis

6E05 Marge Maceda (incumbent)

6E05 Alex Marriott

6E06 Antonio Barnes (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6E06 Alvin Judd Sr.

6E07 Alfreda S. Judd (incumbent) not seeking re-election

6E07 Kevin M. Rogers

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