The Week Ahead…And Hill Residents Vow to Fight Congressional PAC’s Move into Neighborhood


Last Saturday morning, representatives of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC met with residents regarding the organizations proposal to set up PAC offices in a townhouse on the 400 block of New Jersey Avenue, SE. The residents, angry over the erosion of their residential neighborhood, vowed to fight the move tooth and nail, even after hearing concerns of ANC6B commissioners that the Bureau of Zoning Adjustment might be inclined to rule in favor of the Congressional organization. About a dozen residents plus ANC6B commissioners Chander Jayaraman, Nick Burger, and Jennifer Samolyk attended the meeting. The townhouse is in Samolyk’s single member district and she appeared to be fully supportive of the neighbors, while ANC6B Chair Jayaraman and Planning and Economic Committee Chair Burger urged negotiations to put limits on the operation in anticipation of a ruling by BZA in support of the PAC. If the ruling comes down in the PAC’s favor, leverage for limiting parking, transportation, trash, and security would vanish. In the photo above, Jayaraman is in the red sweatshirt, Burger is to his right and Samolyk to his right. Meridith Moldenhauer, partner at Griffin, Murphy, Moldenhauer & Wiggins, representing the PAC, is at center left.  ANC6B is scheduled to consider the CHC PAC request at its May meeting on Tuesday night at Hill Center.  For more information, see previous CHC post here:

The Week Ahead…And Hill Residents Vow to Fight Congressional PAC’s Move into Neighborhood

By Larry Janezich

Monday, May 8

  1. ANC6D meets at 7:00pm, 1100 4th Street, S.W., second floor.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Public Safety Report- First District MPD (PSA 105 & PSA 106) Lt. Robinson, Sgt. Barnes

Presentation:  Department of Public Works Traffic Enforcement – Preston Moore/Celeste Duffie

Liquor license:  Cap Liquors – 1301 South Capitol Street, S.W.

Liquor license:  WeWork – 80 M Street, S.E.

Liquor license:  Shillings – 1331 4th Street, S.E.

Liquor license:  Requin – 100 District Square, S.W.

Liquor license:  Mi Vida – 98 District Square, S.W.

Liquor license:   Kirwan’s – 749 Wharf Street, S.W.

Development, Planning, and Transportation issues:

Amidon Parking

2100 2nd Street, S.W. – Design Review

375 M Street SW & 425 M Street, S.W., 2nd Stage PUD & Modification to 1st PUD

Urban Atlantic

Forest City Zoning Text Amendment

Forest City Tingey Square Streetscape

  1. Community meeting on redevelopment of Southeast Safeway, 7:00pm, Hill Center. The Southeast Safeway is in the early stages of a major, multi-year redevelopment. The real estate developer, Foulger-Pratt is leading this project, working in conjunction with Safeway, and the next step in their process is to go through a Large Tract Review (more detail on the LTR process here:  The development team will walk through the current project design and will be available to answer questions from the community.

Tuesday, May 9

  1. ANC6B meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Presentation:  Deputy Major of Education Jennifer Niles.

Beuchert’s Saloon, 623 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., permission for sidewalk café.

Draft letter to ANCs in other parts of the city urging support for recent legislation introduced by CM Charles Allen regarding rodent and trash management for restaurants.

Public Space Application Fixture: Bollard(s) in alley at 715 8th Street, S.E. (Pineapple & Pearls).

Public Space Application:  Change size of Cafe Seating Area at 660 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. (Joselito Casa de Comidas).

4 4th Street, S.E.:  Public Space Application:  Build ADA Curb Ramp; Fence > 42”; Bay Window projection.  (O’Brien House, Marquette University)

DC DOEE, Application by the Juanita M. Vidi 2005 Irrevocable Trust to perform a voluntary cleanup of a property located at 309-311 Pennsylvania Avenue S.E. (Lustre Cleaners)

1109 D Street, S.E.:  BZA Application for a special exception from the accessory building use requirements to construct a two-story accessory dwelling to be used as a garage with a second-story dwelling unit in the RF-1 Zone at 1109 D Street, S.E.

120 6th Street, S.E.:  BZA application for a special exception from the lot occupancy requirements and a special exception from the accessory building height requirement to construct a two-story accessory structure (garage and second-floor living space) in the RF-1 Zone at 120 6th Street, S.E.

1506 E Street, S.E.:  BZA application for a special exception nonconforming structure requirements, the lot occupancy requirements, and the rear yard requirements, to construct a third-story addition to an existing one-family dwelling in the RF-1 Zone at 1506 E Street, S.E.

428 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.:  BZA application of Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC for a special exception for the use of an existing residential building for the purposes of a nonprofit organization in the RF-3 Zone

Update from ANC 6B P&Z Comprehensive Plan Working Group

Tyler Elementary School Revised Curbside Management Proposal

Alley Naming Case: Square 762 on 3rd Street between Pennsylvania Ave, SE & C Street, SE

Letter to DGS on keeping 7th St S.E. between Pennsylvania Ave. and C St. closed for continued Market Activity.

  1. Police Service Area (PSA) 104 public meeting, 7:00pm, Sherwood Recreation Center, Corner of 10th and G Streets, N.E.

Wednesday, May 10

  1. ANC6C meets at 7:00pm, Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Presentation:  MPD Police Chief Peter Newsham.

Presentation:  Sarah Fashbaugh, ABRA updates.

K Street NE traffic study, update.

Florida and New York Avenue NE intersection, virtual circle design alternatives.

3rd and L Street, N.E., park and dog park.

Capitol Crossing update, 222 Massachusetts Ave. NW, bike racks, sidewalks, planters, etc.

17 6th Street, N.E., Historic Preservation application for rear, rooftop, and garage additions.

630 Lexington Place N.E.:  Historic Preservation Application, concept approval for rear and rooftop additions.

516 3rd Street N.E.:  Historic Preservation Application concept approval for basement entrance, rear addition,  garage demolition.

507 Second Street N.E.:  Zoning adjustment, screening for mechanical equipment on existing two- story plus cellar, attached building.

1125 7th Street, N.E., potential BZA appeal of permit B1706219.

D.C. Comprehensive Plan amendments.

Thursday, May 11

  1. ANC6A meets at 7:00pm, Miner Elementary, 601 15th Street, N.E.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Recommendation: ANC6A send a letter to BZA opposing the appeal of the owners of 1511 A Street, N.E, regarding the rejection of their permits to create an eighteen (18) unit apartment building in a residential neighborhood.

Recommendation: ANC6A send a letter of support to HPRB for approval of the  creation of a small two (2) story addition at the rear court and the demolition of the existing garage at 210 Tenth (10th) Street, N.E., pending best efforts to receive letters of support from neighbors.

  1. CHRS Zoning Committee, Kirby House, 420 10th Street, S.E.

Saturday, May 13

Book Sale at Southeast Library, 10:00am – 3:00pm.

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