Brick Lane Restaurant to Open on Barracks Row

The former home of Las Placitas on Barracks Row

Brick Lane Restaurant to Open on Barracks Row

By Larry Janezich

Brick Lane restaurant has applied for a liquor license for a new outlet located at 517 8th Street – the space formerly occupied by Las Placitas.  @Eat_DC  first reported the move on Twitter yesterday and a second source confirmed it.

The eatery will be Brick Lane’s second, their restaurant at 1636 17th Street, NW, opened in March of 2016.  The menu of that restaurant features a diverse selection of comfort food.  See their website, here:


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4 responses to “Brick Lane Restaurant to Open on Barracks Row

  1. Golem

    Good info, thanks. But clicking on “menus” on their website it appears they only serve a brunch menu which is the only menu that posted when I accessed their sit . Since the menu is labeled “Brunch” I assumed there were other menus for lunch and dinner. If not, it’s rather limited light fare and Ted’s Bulletin, Mr Henry’s, Garrison, et al have nothing to worry about. Ed. Note: Try again, the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are there, it takes a little hovering over “menus” before the drop down appears.

    • Golem

      Larry: I don’t doubt your success in finding the lunch and dinner menus under “Menu” on the site, but I hovered and hovered and hovered over “Menu.” After some fiddling I found the menus only by clicking on the three bars on the upper right hand corner (i.e., the “hamburger” icon). Thanks for responding to my email.

  2. Mark

    Have not lived on the Hill for several years but when I did Las Plac was a go-to favorite. It still annoys me that they had to move out, the space was never used, and they did not return. I get the whole change thing but it was a real classic. (I know they are down the street but that one never had the same vibe.)

  3. Ken

    Please no more resturants. The rat infestation is out of control.