The Week Ahead….and New Paint on The Fridge

The Fridge has a new public face.  “NSF” is the tag* of the NSF crew – a team of graffiti artists that Fridge proprietor Alex Goldstein (pictured) credits with tagging 1 million walls and 100,000 illegal graffiti.  NSF?  – various meaning have been ascribed, i.e., “Not Strictly Freights” and “Never Show Faces.”  Goldstein’s translation:  “Non Stop Fun.” (click to enlarge)
*”Tag; a personal signature, usually vandalism with spray-paint, but can be any graffitti.  Tag’s can take seconds, or can use multiple colors. Two color tags are usually throw ups, may consist of block or bubble lettering.  “Bombs” are usually tri color while pieces are always of the up most complexity – very large, good use of colors, where they will seem to blend together, or bleed, and burn.”  Urban Dictionary.

The Week Ahead….and New Paint on The Fridge

by Larry Janezich

Monday, August 27

RFK Stadium Community Meeting – EventsDC is hosting a quarterly meeting with RFK Stadium stakeholders on August 27th. The meeting will be at 7pm, at RFK, in the Media room on the 4th floor. The entrance is via Lot 5, Gate A.

Tuesday, August 28

ANC6B’s Executive Committee will meet at 7:00pm in Hill Center to set the agenda for the full ANC6B meeting on September 11.

Thursday, August 30

ANC6B’s Hilleast Taskforce meets at 7:00pm at St. Coletta, 1900 Independence Avenue, SE, to discuss Reservation 13.  DDOT, DGS, DMPED, and DOEE have been invited to participate.

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