Here’s DGS’s Latest Design for Eastern Market Metro Park – Community Meeting Monday

Latest DGS design concept for Eastern Market Metro Plaza (see link below for the complete design package)

Here’s DGS’s Latest Project Design for Eastern Market Metro Park – Community Meeting Monday

by Larry Janezich

Last Thursday, ANC6B received a copy of the latest DGS project design – including significant changes in the design of the park and children’s playground between 8th and 9th Streets and Pennsylvania Avenue and D Street.

The core projections of what is being proposed for the parcel 1 park are on pages 25-26 of the document. ANC6B has uploaded a copy on the ANC6B website, accessible here:

On Monday night ANC6B’s Livable Communities Task Force (charged with oversight of the Plaza redesign project), chaired by Commissioner Steve Holtzman, will hold a community meeting at 7:00pm at The Corner Store, 900 South Carolina Avenue, SE (corner of South Carolina Avenue and 9th Street).  The focus will be on the park and playground – pictured above and designated in the plans as “Parcel 1.”

According to Holtzman, “There will be no formal presentations. Instead the meeting will serve as a lightly-structured forum for community members to come together for a pragmatic discussion of their priorities for the Parcel 1 Park in advance of the April 3rd public presentation of the final concept plan for the DGS-led Eastern Market Metro Park Plaza (EMMPP) project. The meeting will also be an opportunity to share views on the Parcel 1 design with ANC6B commissioners to help inform the ANC’s eventual formal review of the Eastern Market Metro Park Project.”

The agenda will include discussion of the following issues:

Overall impressions of the new design

Children and The Playground (placement within parcel, design, components, accompanying adults, safety )

Multi-Generational uses of the Park (desired activities, types of recreation, social interaction, special needs)

Dogs and their human friends (how great is the demand? Any special focus needed? Any scope for a dog run?)

Design and utilization of green space: (functionality, esthetics, security, maintenance/sustainability, viability/demand for a community garden space?, lawns vs. astro-turf vs what? )

Accommodating special events in parcel 1 (pros & cons, options and implications for space utilization)

Keeping the Park Safe (eyes on the park – how can the space be kept active during the day and the evening)

Making it OUR space (installing community art, naming the park, User Associations, Friends of the Park, etc.)

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