The Week Ahead…CM Charles Allen at ANC6A and ANC6D. Metro Plaza Community Meeting Monday

A high rise looms over the tennis courts in Garfield Park. March 8, circa 6:30pm.

The Week Ahead…CM Charles Allen at ANC6A and ANC6D – Metro Plaza Community Meeting Monday

Monday, March 11

ANC6D meets at 7:00pm, 1005 5th Street, SE, (Capper Community Center). 

Among items on the draft agenda:

Public Safety Report- First District MPD (PSA 103, PSA 105 & PSA 106) Capt. Mongal, Capt. Dorrough, Lt. Lavenhouse.

Councilmember Charles Allen visits to discuss the City Council and Ward 6.

Letter to DCRA to Deny a Parking Permit for Contractor Dumpster on 4th Street.

Letter to Charles Allen RE Air Quality and the Negative Health Impacts on the Residents in Old Southwest.

Letter to the Public Service Commission to Require/Mandate Pepco to monitor EMF Levels as part of the Capitol Grid Project .

Letter to DDOT RE Concerns (traffic, air quality, etc.) about Frederick Douglass Bridge Project on the lives of the residents of Southwest.

861 New Jersey Ave Public Space Construction Permit Application.


DDOT Transportation Operations and Parking Plan (TOPP) Update.

ABC Committee

Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street, SW – new restaurant license w/Entertainment, 2 summer                              gardens, 1 sidewalk cafe: new Cooperative Agreement.

Spirit Cruises, Alexandria, VA – Amendment 1 to Cooperative Agreement for Additional Boat #8: Miss Josephine.

Punch Bowl Social, 1250 Half Street, SE – new restaurant license w/Entertainment + 2 sidewalk cafes & summer garden: new Cooperative Agreement.

Pop Social, 470 L’Enfant Plaza, SW – new tavern license w/Entertainment, Dancing, Cover Charge + stipulated license.

Development, Planning, and Transportation Committee

501 I Street SW/The Bard presentation – Zoning application.

Remarks – Amidon Bowen PTA & United Neighbors of SW.

501 I Street, SW – Public Space Construction Application

Cambria Hotel – Public Space Application.

Community Meeting on Metro Plaza Redesign – ANC6B’s Livable Communities Task Force – meets at 7:00pm at The Corner Store, 9th and South Carolina Avenue, SE. 


Community meeting on the redesign of Eastern Market Metro Plaza, with focus on Parcel 1 – the park and playground between 8th and 9th Streets, and Pennsylvania Avenue and D Streets, SE.  For more information, see here:

Tuesday, March 12

ANC 6B will meet at 7:00pm at Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Consent Calendar:

Planning & Zoning Committee

124 11th Street, SE – Historic Preservation application, concept/rear and rooftop additions.

124 11th Street, SE – Zoning adjustment application, Special Exception from the lot occupancy requirements, to construct a one story rear addition and a two story accessory building to an existing attached principal dwelling unit.

1639 Potomac Avenue, SE – Zoning adjustment application, Special Exceptions to construct a two-story rear addition to an existing, attached principal dwelling unit.

522 6th Street, SE – Historic Preservation application concept/two-story rear addition.

1225-1227 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE – Zoning adjustment application, Special Exception to construct a second-story addition on an existing one-story commercial use building.

360 7th Street SE; The Eastern Wine Bar – Public Space Permit application for a new sidewalk café unenclosed.

Transportation Committee

Letter to Councilmember Allen with Comments on the Transportation Benefits Equity Act of 2019

Letter to the DDOT Public Space Committee with Comments on the Second Draft of the Small Cell Design Guidelines

Non-consent Calendar items:

Planning & Zoning Committee

620 C Street, SE – Historic Preservation application – concept/one-story rooftop.

209 C ST SE – Historic Preservation application –  Plans to alter the front areaway within public space.

201 East Capitol Street SE; Folger Shakespeare Library; Public Space Construction Permit for public space improvement including new main entrances, gardens, street trees, removal of curb cuts.

Wednesday, March 13

ANC6C meets at 7:00pm, Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda. 


Ward 6 member of the DC Board of Education—Jessica Sutter.

DC Sun, solar panel installation—Michaela Meehan.

Transportation and Public Space Committee

Café Fili, 701 2nd Street NE, application 10712570 for unenclosed sidewalk café.

Proposed rulemaking, proper behavior in bike lanes.

Greater Greater Washington Bus Priority Resolution.

Folger Library, new accessible entrances and visitor amenities.

Verizon, 120 7th Street NE, parking issues.

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee

Verizon, 120 7th Street NE, illegal construction.

224 C Street NE, Zoning adjustment – Special Exception to add a second floor rear addition.

429 5th Street NE, Historic Preservation application – concept approval for a three-story rear addition and one-story rooftop addition.

2019 Council oversight hearings, topics for ANC6C testimony.

707 H Street NE, potential Bureau of Zoning Adjustment appeal, certificate occupancy.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee

Brothers Burger Bar, LLC d/b/a Aroma, 707 H Street NE, new restaurant application.

Environment, Parks, and Events Committee (Joe McCann

Capitol Hill Classic Marathon, Sunday, May 19, including ban on parking along route.

New Business

Initiative 77, Board of Elections error—Mark Eckenwiler

Thursday, March 14

ANC6A meets at 7:00pm, Miner Elementary, 601 15th Street, NE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

Councilmember Charles Allen visits to discuss the City Council and Ward 6.

Transportation and Public Space

ANC6A letter of support to the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) for the 2019 Capitol Hill Classic race (May 19), which benefits the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools.

ANC6A letter to DDOT identifying high-priority areas with traffic/pedestrian safety issues, as follows:

  1. 0-400 blocks of15th Street NE
  2. Intersection of East Capitol Street, Massachusetts Avenue and 11th Street NE
  3. 0-400 blocks of 17th Street NE
  4. 0-400 blocks of 10th Street NE
  5. Intersection of 10th and East Capitol Streets NE
  6. 19th Street and Constitution Avenue NE
  7. 8th and D Streets NE
  8. 8th and G Streets NE
  9. 8th and F Streets NE
  10. 100-400 blocks of Tennessee Avenue NE
  11. 14th and G Streets NE

ANC6A reuest to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to establish a Daytime School Parking Zone for Maury Elementary School with boundaries identical to the Maury Elementary School boundary zone; hours of operation from 7:00am to 6:00pm; permits provided only to District Government employees working at the Maury site. The request would be conditional on approval of the variance request by DCPS/DGS to reduce on-site parking below the minimum 21 spaces required by zoning regulations; commitment by DCPS/DGS to convert a portion of the planned parking lot to play space; and conversion of the west side of the 200 block of Twelfth (12th) Place NE to Resident Only Parking.

Old Business

1511 – 1515 A Street NE – ANC6A letter of support to BZA for a special exception to subdivide the existing lot and construct three (3) new, attached flats in the RF-1 Zone on the conditions that the developer make best efforts to obtain letters of support from neighbors at 1507, 1509, and 1515 A Street NE; revise the final design to include consistent massing with design of the cornices; that the developer conduct a shadow study; and that the current owner withdraws the appeal currently pending before the Office of Administrative Hearings related to prior zoning of the property.

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