The Week Ahead… & Barracks Row Working Group Faces Challenge

ANC6B’s Barracks Row Working Group met last Tuesday, to continue consider  how to respond to destination locations competing for the same customer base , e.g., The Wharf, H Street and U Street.  The consensus is that Barracks Row is not as “hot” as it was a few years ago, and a collaborative public relations and marketing effort is needed to create a unique identity to promote to the city at large.  Firmer plans for creating a framework for moving forward will be discussed at next month’s meeting.   Martin Smith, Executive Director of Barracks Row Main Street, said that letters of intent have been sighed for “a number” of empty store fronts on Barracks Row, which await the city’s permit process.  ANC6B Commissioner Brian Ready, center right, is chair of the Working Group.  Barracks Row Business owners Tom Johnson and Gaynor Jablonski co-chair the group. 

The Week Ahead… & the Barracks Row Working Group Faces A Challenge

by Larry Janezich

Monday, June 27

Memorial Day holiday. 

No trash/recycling pickup.

Tuesday, May 28

ANC6B’s Executive Committee meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center, to set the agenda for the June 11th meeting of the full ANC.

PSA 106 meets at 7:00pm at the Capper Community Center at 5th and K Streets, SE. 

MPD hosts community meetings for each PSA on the fourth Tuesday of every other month to build partnership with the community and to address the public’s safety questions and concerns.

Saturday, June 1

Monthly Capitol Hill street litter cleanup.  Details will follow.  Wine & Butter Café, 1023 East Capitol, has joined as a sponsor of the cleanup.

Join the volunteer list by emailing at


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2 responses to “The Week Ahead… & Barracks Row Working Group Faces Challenge

  1. Carol

    The People, The Place, The Pulse . . . My favorite neighborhood . . . Capitol Hill.

  2. MK

    It’ going to be a long hot summer around Barracks Row. K2 is everywhere right now and there’s a lot of erratic behavior. Yesterday I passed a guy standing in traffic trying to sell a down vest to passing motorists. The guy was wearing a vest himself (no shirt – just down vest), and he was selling another one (a spare?). Felt bad that he wasn’t just panhandling like normal people. I wish I could say such behavior was unusual these days around Eastern Market.