Hill East Gets Update on Development of Reservation 13

Hill East residents get an update on Reservation 13 development last night. At far left, is ANC6B Commissioner Denise Krepp. At center is DDOT Associate Director Matthew Marcou, and at far right is Brian Rogers of Donatelli Development.

Here’s an artist’s rendition of the completed project. The larger building on the right is under construction. Work on the smaller building on the left will begin in August.

Hill East Gets Update on Development of Reservation 13

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B’s Hill East Task Force, chaired by Commissioner Denise Krepp, met last night with a slew of city officials, utility representatives, developers and construction people to update current and former ANC6B Commissioners and Hill East residents on progress on the development of Reservation 13 and to address concerns about street construction and traffic management in nearby neighborhoods.

Chris Donatelli of Donatelli Development, announced that construction of the building on the second of the two sites currently being developed will begin in August, with an anticipated construction time line of 18 months.  This building, the smaller of the two mixed use projects, will provide 91 living units, plus 10,000 square feet of first floor retail.  Donatelli said that “there had been a lot of interest” from retail providers, though none had been signed yet.  This is typical of new developments – the retail is not nailed down until the building is complete.

Donatelli said that framing is underway on the first and larger building – which will deliver 262 apartments and – according to earlier reports – 13,000 square feet of retail plus 115 underground parking spaces.

Most of the meeting was about management of construction traffic in adjoining neighborhoods, and DDOT Associate Director Matthew Marcou was on hand to address those issues, as well as DDOT’s plans for construction work necessary in connection with bringing utilities to the site.

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