Some Coffee News


The Barracks Row Starbucks is closed for renovation until June 17th. For this first week, the store is providing free coffee from 7:00am until 10:30am.  Ends Sunday, June 9..

Over on 7th Street, across from Eastern Market, Port City Java closed Monday, June 3, “for a few days” for renovation, awaiting new management.


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5 responses to “Some Coffee News

  1. Mark Ugoretz

    Good Grief! People will be wandering like zombies searching for a caffeine fix. Dangerous time to be on the street.

  2. 8th Street SE

    The first caption is a little misleading. Today was the first day I saw a table set up, and it didn’t have anything on it (this was around 7:30 am). I wouldn’t go there expecting free coffee!

    • Amanda

      I received a free small coffee this morning. Perhaps they weren’t yet prepared when you arrived, but they had them when I arrived a little after 9 am this morning. Hopefully they will have it prepared at 7:30 am tomorrow. I’d give it another try.

  3. Russ Mawn

    Dunkn should be doing great for a while.

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