Jayaraman Opts Out of Chairing ANC6B in 2020

ANC6b Chair Chander Jayaraman announced last night that this would be his last meeting as chair. Commissioners, (l-r) Sroufe, Krepp, Holtzman, Jayaraman, Clark, Waud, Holman, and Oldenburg.

Jayarman Opts Out of Chairing ANC6B 2020

By Larry Janezich

Last night, at ANC6B’s December meeting, Chair Chander Jayaraman opened the session by saying it was the last meeting of the year and his last meeting as chair.  The announcement came as a surprise to some commissioners.  Jayaraman is eligible to serve as chair for one more year under commission by-laws and his election – had he chosen to run in January – was widely regarded as assured.  By all accounts, he is regarded as a highly effective chair having taken initiatives with respect to using alcohol licensing to encourage in-door trash storage and appointing task forces on Barracks Row and the development of the Eastern Market Metro Park among other items.

Asked why he made this decision, Jayaraman said “It’s time for other commissioners to take the helm – I’ve been chair twice – having others move into leadership positions is the only way for them to get the experience to move the work of the Commission forward.”

It is unclear which of those commissioners is interested in the chairmanship – a demanding and time consuming volunteer job.   That fact speaks to an additional reason Jararaman is stepping aside – he is running for the City Council Member-at-Large seat.  Councilmember David Grosso is not seeking re-election, leaving that Member-at Large-seat up for grabs.

Jayaraman says he will continue to serve on the Commission and to chair the Commission’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee.

For more information see here:  http://bit.ly/31sJuw0

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