The Week Ahead….

Eastern Market, Saturday, January 4, circa 4:15pm

The Week Ahead…

by Larry Janezich

Business gets back to normal after the holidays, although things get off to a slow start since not much happens during December to beef up the agendas.  Revisions to the Comprehensive Plan (important but impenetrable) will occupy a lot of ANC time in the coming weeks.  A final report to the city is due February 15.  CHC will tell you what it means for Capitol Hill in the next few weeks.  Late January should see approval of the final plan for the redesign of the Eastern Market Metro Park and the new playground on Parcel 1.  The Department of General Services is asking ANC6B to recommend approval of a Public Space Permit for the project, and that comes up before 6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee on Tuesday.

Monday, January 6

Capitol Hill Restoration Society Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm, Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE. 


Not available at press time.

Tuesday, January 7

ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm, at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence Avenue, SE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

530 11th Street, SE – Historic Preservation Application – Concept for a two-story rear addition.

800 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, (Metro Plaza Park Development) – Public Space Permit Application for Paving: ADA Curb Ramp, Paving: Curb & Gutter(s), Paving: Sidewalk(s), Fixture: Bench(es), Fixture: Bike Rack(s): DDOT Standard, Fixture: Bollard(s) (Exception), Fixture: Fence to 42″ (Open Design), Fixture: Playground, Fixture: Table (Except for commercial), Fixture: Trash Receptacle(s) (Exception).

ANC 6B Comments and Proposed Amendments to Comprehensive Plan.

ANC 6B Rezoning Application for triangle bounded by 12th St SE, Water St SE, and M Street, SE, (potential helipad site).

ANC 6C Environment, Parks & Events Committee meets at 7:00pm, Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Office Building, 700 2nd Street, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – The annual marathon, half-marathon and 5K races will be held on March 28, 2020. Race representative Diane Romo Thomas will discuss the event with committee and seek ANC 6C support.

NoMa Parks Foundation – Stacie West will provide committee with an update on various NoMa Parks Foundation projects and events.

Amendment to District’s Comprehensive Plan – Environmental Protection and Arts & Culture elements: The DC Office of Planning has launched an effort to amend the Comprehensive Plan. The committee will consider the Environmental Protection Element and the Arts & Culture Element.

Wednesday, January 8

ANC6C will meet at 7:00pm, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C at the Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Bistro Cacao, 320 Massachusetts Avenue, NE – Request to reinstate liquor license.

Burger Bar, 707 H Street, NE – Request change in liquor license from Class C restaurant to Class C Tavern.

Café Fili, 702 Second Street, NE, liquor license renewal.

Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Element.

1026 4th Street, NE – Zoning Adjustment Application – to remove rooftop element, eliminate side yard, convert principal dwelling unit into a flat.

727 7th Street, NE – Zoning Adjustment Application – to construct a rear addition.

719 6th Street, NE, Zoning Adjustment Application – to authorize an already constructed three-story addition to an existing dwelling.

Comprehensive Plan, review of Transportation, Housing, Economic Development, Historic Preservation, and Community Services and Facilities Elements.

NoMa BID parks report.

Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.

ANC6B Transportation Committee meets at 7:00pm, in the Back Common Area, Second Floor, The Yard, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.   

Among items on the draft agenda:

Review of Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element.

Presentation on EMMP Transportation Impact Study.

Request to Remove AM Rush from 900 Block of I (Eye) Street, SE.

Thursday, January 9

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A meets at 7:00 pm, Miner Elementary, 601 Fifteenth Street, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Organizational actions.

Motion to elect officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).

Motion to elect members and leaders of the permanent Committees for 2020:

Economic Development and Zoning Committee – Brad Greenfield (Chair), Jake Joyce, Missy Boyette, Nick Alberti, Michael Cushman.

Transportation and Public Safety Committee – Elizabeth Nelson (Co-Chair), Todd Sloves (Co-Chair), Jeff Fletcher, Marc Brumer, Caitlin Rogger, Maura Dundon, Amanda Morgan, Hassan Christian.

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee- Mark Samburg (Co-Chair), Nick Alberti (CoChair), Roger Caruth, Michael Herman, Justin Rzepka.

Community Outreach Committee- Roni Hollmon (Chair), Gladys Mack, Stephany Thangavelu, Alan Chargin.


MPD Update: Commander Kane (1D) and Commander Fitzgerald (5D).

Letter in support of the 2020 Rock N’ Roll Marathon assuming the course route and times remain unchanged from last year.

Letter to DDOT requesting attention to the eleven items on the priority list. (The list appears in the TPS December 2019 minutes.)

Letter of opposition to BZA for an application for special exceptions under the residential conversion requirements to permit the construction of a fourth apartment and the installation of new rooftop mechanical equipment, in an existing three-unit apartment house at 653 8th Street, NE/ 807 G Street, NE, in the RF-1 Zone, based on the fact that there would be fewer than 250 square feet on the lot per unit.

Letter of support to BZA for an application for a special exception to permit a penthouse that does not conform with the side building wall and open court setbacks required and to permit a guardrail that does not conform with the side building wall setbacks required at 906 11th Street, NE.

Submission of changes to the DC Comprehensive Plan to create a development zone around the Arboretum, to update the Comprehensive Plan to address all micro-mobility technologies, including scooters, and the Comprehensive Plan be updated to maximize the use of the RFK stadium site to benefit to the community as a whole.

ANC6B Alcohol Beverage Committee meets at 7:00pm at the Hill Center, Frager’s Conference Room, 3rd Floor, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Bricklane Restaurant; 517 8th Street, SE – Class “C” Tavern license renewal.

Saturday, January 11

Southeast Library Book Sale, 10:00am – 3:00pm, Southeast Library, 403 7th Street, SE. 

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