Trader Joe’s Expands Store Access for Seniors over 60

Trader Joe’s Expands Store Access for Seniors over 60

By Larry Janezich

Our local Trader Joe’s at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, has instituted a new procedure as of this morning, March 23, that provides for additional access for senior shopping between 9:00am and 10:00am.  The new practice applies nationwide.

Crew members have been directed by corporate headquarters to establish a line for senior shoppers, separate from a line for other shoppers.  Seniors will be admitted preferentially – three from their line to one from the other – during the first hour.  Store hours will remain 9:00am – 7:00pm.


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6 responses to “Trader Joe’s Expands Store Access for Seniors over 60

  1. I’ll hoist a Corona to that! Damn near out of brie.

  2. Daniel Buck

    For the enochlophobics among us, Yes! is fully stocked and at least early in the day, uncrowded. Also, most restaurants and cafes around the Eastern market, e.g., Radici, Le Pan Quotidien, Tortilla Cafe, Prego, Tunnecliffe’s, etc, not to mention the market itself, are open for carry-out.

  3. Shirley

    This is awesome and thoughtful and so necessary. Does this apply to other Trader Joe Stores in the area (14 th St., NW)?

  4. muskellunge

    The new TJ virus policies make the problem worse, and actually increase the likelihood of transmission.
    1. By limiting the amount of food you can buy to a single hand-held basket, makes you shop more often.
    2. Cutting back on the hours means there will be more people in the store when it is open.

    It just like the gasoline shortage in the late 70s, it was limited how much gas you could buy ($5 max if memory serves). This meant that you spent more time driving around to different gas stations to get gas. Then they changed the rules, and you had to buy $5 minimum, which eased the lines at the gas stations.

    TJ should let you buy as much as you need for 7-10 days in one trip, so you don’t have to shop every other day.